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Navisworks with Graphics Engine from Infrastructure Modeler

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03-08-2013 12:22 PM

When it comes down to ambient occlusion , lights and real time navigation through a model,  Navisworks has horrible graphics and excellent navigation tools, the Infrastructure Modeler has excellent graphics but poor navigation  tools.



Did anyone looked at the impressive graphics performance of Infrastructure Modeler? I can tell you that my clients have been super impressed with the look of the project , ambient occlusions and solar study tools available in IM.Just the feeling when walking around a model is incredible. When I opened up the same model in Navisworks it was like going back to the cave. Switching between headlights and scene lights did not achieve the same experience I had on IM.




Can we have a new Navisworks with a new graphics engine borrowed from IM,and a new IM with navigation tools from Navisworks  pleeeease   !!!!!!!


Thank you


Dorin Nita

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Re: Navisworks with Graphics Engine from Infrastructure Modeler

03-11-2013 09:47 AM in reply to: Dvemis

Thanks for the information. If you like I’d suggest leaving feedback at the below link. Information gathered is used to improve the application.


Product Contact Link:


Thanks for posting.

Alan Quinn
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Re: Navisworks with Graphics Engine from Infrastructure Modeler

03-12-2013 08:01 AM in reply to: Dvemis

By default Navisworks 2013 and earlier use a Navisworks specific graphics engine that is tuned for performance rather than looks. In Navisworks 2012 and later you have the option of using the common Autodesk engine that IM also uses. Go to Options -> Interface -> Display -> Graphics System. Uncheck Auto-select and select the Autodesk graphics system.


Go to Options -> Inteface -> Display -> Graphics System -> Autodesk for Autodesk graphics system specific options.


  • In Navisworks 2012 you can enable Anti-aliasing and choose between Basic and Gooch shaders.
  • In Navisworks 2013 you can also enable ambient occlusion and Phong shaders.
  • In Navisworks 2014 the Autodesk graphics system is used by default. There is a new UI that allows control of lighting and materials - including Sun/Sky model.

Tim Wiegand
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Re: Navisworks with Graphics Engine from Infrastructure Modeler

03-22-2013 10:26 AM in reply to: timwiegand

Excellent information. I wish I had the sun calendar settings in Navisworks.Maybe on the next versions.


Thanks for your response

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