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Navisworks 2011 Batch Utility - Overrides Lost?

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04-29-2011 08:35 AM

I'm setting up a scheduled task to output a daily NWD file from PDMS. I am using an NWF as a stepping stone where I locate the camera close to the model and make the clash volumes semi-transparent.


If I save this as an NWD manually in Navisworks, the NWD will open just the way I saved it. If I let the Batch Utility create the NWD, I lose the transparency and the camera goes back to the original position.


Is there something which I can set to retain my changes in the NWF so that they show up after the Batch Utility runs?



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Re: Navisworks 2011 Batch Utility - Overrides Lost?

05-01-2011 10:33 PM in reply to: matthew.monid



I am having similar problems with the publish file example.

I am having a problem that the saveas function is not saving the same content as I get when saving from navisworks it self.

In the NWF file I have a few animations and some scripts to run these animations. When I make a NWD file through the normal way I can use these scripts when I open the nwd in Freedom or in Manage/Simulate. When I make the NWD with the PublishFile example these scripts and animations are not in the NWD file.


if you compile the publishfile exampe under the .net api (control folder) your transparencies and viewpoint will be used.

If you can program in .net you can even modify the example to be able to supply specific search sets to be set hidden or transparent.



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Re: Navisworks 2011 Batch Utility - Overrides Lost?

05-02-2011 05:53 AM in reply to: Jurgen_Putman

I had a chance to play around with the files over the weekend, and found that if I save a viewpoint and save a new home view (there's a good chance that one of those is enough, but I never tried one at a time) in the NWF, my transparency and location settings will be retained.

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Re: Navisworks 2011 Batch Utility - Overrides Lost?

05-08-2011 10:43 PM in reply to: matthew.monid

Hi guys,

- Did you try if deleting the existing but probably old NWC cache files before running the sceduled task made any difference ?

You can always split up the batch creation into a 2-step thing:

- First a job to create the new NavisWork files from the models (without viewpoints)

- Then a 2nd batch that uses an NWF to store the viewpoints and has the NWD created by step 1 as attachted model.



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Re: Navisworks 2011 Batch Utility - Overrides Lost?

06-08-2011 09:28 AM in reply to: matthew.monid

Create an NWD file using the batch utility (eg Model1.nwd)

Open this file and create views as required. Save as NWF file (eg Model1.nwf)

When the NWD file is overwritten, as long as the file name stays the same, the NWF will open the new NWD file but maintain any views you have stored.

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