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Re: Disappointed on Autodesk as owner of NavisWorks

05-03-2010 05:28 AM in reply to: bcskbge
AutoDesk want profit, oh, this was probobly new info for you.

They noticed too many users went with alot Review and some Manage licenses, Simulate was probobly very seldom used. The option is to remove Review and have everybody use Simulate. Do we need it, probobly not, do AutoDesk get more money, yes! That is buisness...

During acquiring of a company the license price is increased, this happens all the time. Mostly it is due to the fact that the purchasing partner want to get back the investment and this is done by raising the license cost. That is called buisness...

So your complaining that AutoDesk is doing buisness.

The only thing you can do is cancel the products if you think you have too many and try to usilise Freedom to a greater amount.

Even though you are totally right that there is very little improvements in the product over the years it is anyway a good product, in my opinion AutoDesk have failed to market the product to any good extent and if they marketed it better they would get more investments in the product and that would lead to more improvements.

What I hated about the product is that you needed Review, Simulate and Manage installed (3 software of the same) to be able to utilise all the licenses, this was just sick, now it is Simulate and Manage, but it is the same product so it is really CRAP that you need different installations to use it. Maybe that could be improved.

I asume that people are most interested in the measure stick and to buy Simulate for that is a bit of overkill, might have been better for customers if Simulate and Manage went into 1 product but then the Simulate users would have the clashcheck for free...

Anyway, I see only great benefits for this product even though the price increases, there is to my knowledge no equally good product on the market and it would be devastating if AutoDesk fails to market, maybe put the measure stick in Freedom and this product would be perfect... however that would probobly ruin buisness so it will not happen!

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Re: Disappointed on Autodesk as owner of NavisWorks

07-01-2010 02:40 PM in reply to: bcskbge

I have been a Navisworks user for a long time and manage 31 seats of Simulate and 1 Manage.  I agree with much of what has been said previously about the product's enhancements since AutoDesk purchased it (many fewer improvements in capabilites and more tweaking the interface).  But since AutoDesk owns it now, I am sure most would agree that the majority of changes will be in GUI and pricing rather than core functionality or speed.  I say this based on what I've seen with other well-established AutoDesk platform products.


If I had one wish list item it would be for Freedom to have the Measurement tool enabled.  If AutoDesk is afraid of giving away too many features for free I will point out that Adobe beat them to the punch with PDF over DWF.  I would hate to see 3D PDF or something else beat AutoDesk to making Freedom a De-Facto standard for 3D model viewing just because they were slow to understanding what a gold mine they have purchased.


Just my 2 cents worth...

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Re: Disappointed on Autodesk as owner of NavisWorks

04-17-2012 04:23 AM in reply to: bcskbge


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Re: Disappointed on Autodesk as owner of NavisWorks

04-19-2012 08:33 AM in reply to: bcskbge

Hi bcskbge, please to advise you that native SolidWorks support has now been introduced to Navisworks 2013.


Best regards,


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