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Save Viewpoints from Timeliner

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09-14-2011 11:37 PM

I have a heap of selection sets that we use to update a daily model of all our DWG files so transparencies etc are applied consistently to the latest DWG files.


Currently we manually select each selection set and apply the colour/transparency. Works ok and only takes a few minutes.


Have been playing around with Timeliner in 2011 Simulate and have it set up to do the same process using tasks etc so I can basically go to the end of the animation and the model appears how I want to save the viewpoint.


Problem is as soon as I close down Timeliner it resets all the visability states to what they were at the start.


I know you can save JPEG and AVI but I just want to use the appearance at the end of the animation to save as the viewport. I have tried saving Viewpoint etc but as soon as Timeliner animation closed it all reverts back to start appearance. Even set the overries and materials to be save with in the viewpoint but no luck.


Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Save Viewpoints from Timeliner

09-15-2011 02:55 AM in reply to: albarney99

You may be better to use the Appearance Profiler in 2012 (or the 2011 Subscription release) and Search Sets rather than selection sets.


If you create Search Sets than rather than manually selecting items you can create searches that can be fairly complicated to search for certain properties, items, level or item names, materials etc. These will be real time and when new models, DWG's are added, then the Search set will contain all the new items that meet that criteria.


If you then use the Appearance Profiler, then you can assign a transparency and/or color override to a Search Set, you will just need to run this at the start of each session.


You will need to use the Hide/Required option in Options > Interface > Viewpoint Defaults, to save any transparency and color overrides you set in new viewpoints.


The Timeliner overrides are only applicable to the Simulate tab of Timeliner and any exports of Timeliner animations you create from there.


Let me know if this helps

Lee Mullin
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Re: Save Viewpoints from Timeliner

09-15-2011 02:43 PM in reply to: lee.mullin

We already use search sets rather than selection sets so am aware of the benefits of these. Sorry, that was a mistake on my part.


Last paragraph is basically what I wanted to know. Will investigate the appearance profiler a bit more tho.




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