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Clash status lag

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05-23-2012 12:49 AM



I'm writing a plugin for Navisworks 2012 using COM that changes a status of some clashes to "approved". I go through all the clashes in a batch and do this:

clash.status = ComApi.nwETestResultStatus.eTestResultStatus_APPROVED;

However when I run this code on about 1000 clashes in a batch each clash takes 5-10 seconds. I checked it several times in VS 2010 and the most time consuming code is the code above. 


At the moment I can approve all the clashes manually faster than by the means of API.


I've got a pretty modern computer (i7, 8gb ram).


Is there a way to make it faster? May be I need to switch off some options like redraw or other?


Thanks in advance,




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Re: Clash status lag

05-23-2012 08:39 PM in reply to: anzi


It is a bit hard to address, some suggestions:

- In UI, select all the results and batch change the status manually to see if it is also very slow. In theory, there would be a little slower to communicate from .NET with COM, but it should not be a big lag if it is just changing a status.

- Check if the problem occurs with this line only if you comment out other lines. e.g. get clash, iterate each clash, change the status.

- Switch off ‘Hardware Acceleration’ to see if it helps

- If with NW 2013, use .NET API directly to see if works better. Two blogs talk about the new API


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Re: Clash status lag

05-23-2012 09:55 PM in reply to: xiaodong.liang

Thank you for the solutions.


If I approve clashes manually by selecting all of them and changing the status it takes about 20-30 seconds to approve 1000 clashes. 


I found out that the problem occurs not only when I automatically change the status of a clash but when I change the properties "ApprovedBy" and "ApprovedTime".


Here is my code

public override int Execute(params string[] parameters)
		ComApi.InwOpState10 state;
		state = ComApiBridge.ComApiBridge.State;

		ComApi.InwOpClashElement m_clash = null;

		foreach (dynamic d_plugin in state.Plugins())
			m_clash = d_plugin as ComApi.InwOpClashElement;
			if (m_clash != null)

		if (m_clash == null)
			throw new System.NullReferenceException("Clash Detective not found");

		foreach (ComApi.InwOclClashTest test in m_clash.Tests())
			foreach (ComApi.InwOclTestResult clash in test.results())
				clash.status = ComApi.nwETestResultStatus.eTestResultStatus_APPROVED;
	catch (Exception e)
	return 0;


It lags only when I change the status.


I tried to switch the "Hardware acceleration" off but it didn't help.


At the moment I can't use NW 2013, so I need to fix this problem in NW 2012

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