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printer stored in dwg file

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07-23-2013 09:33 AM

I have a problem with plotting dwg files using vb net.

When in this files is stored a printer no more existing in my network I've an exception in my vb net program.

How can I clean any information about printers stored in files?


To plot these files I use "acadDoc.SendCommand("-stampa" + vbCr + "S" + vbCr + "model" _ ....."

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Re: printer stored in dwg file

07-23-2013 09:25 PM in reply to: galbori

Please post more information and the code that goes wrong

Fenton Webb

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Re: printer stored in dwg file

07-24-2013 01:26 AM in reply to: fenton.webb

through a vb net dll I print dwg files using

        acadDoc = AcadApp.ActiveDocument
        acadDoc.SendCommand("-stampa" + vbCr + "S" + vbCr + "model" _
        + vbCr + nDevice + vbCr + fmtPrint + vbCr + "M" + vbCr + orientPAGE _
        + vbCr + "n" + Chr(13) + "E" + vbCr + "Adatta" + vbCr + "Center" + vbCr _
        + "S" + vbCr + "Giben.ctb" + vbCr + "S" + vbCr + "n" + vbCr + "N" _
        + vbCr + "N" + vbCr + "S" + vbCr)

my problem is when in dwg layout is strored a printer no more existing (as you can see in the layout.jpg image). In this case I obtain the error in error.jpg image. Unfortunatly this warning are in Italian :-) I hope it's not a big problem for you

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Re: printer stored in dwg file

08-06-2013 05:28 AM in reply to: galbori



If you think the printer name associated with the PlotSettings is not valid, you can reset it to default before going ahead with the plot. Here is a sample code to reset it :


public void ResetPSMethod()
    Document doc = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument;
    Editor ed = doc.Editor;
    Database db = doc.Database;

    Transaction tr = db.TransactionManager.StartTransaction();
    using (tr)
        BlockTableRecord btr = tr.GetObject(db.CurrentSpaceId, OpenMode.ForRead) as BlockTableRecord;
        Layout lo = tr.GetObject(btr.LayoutId, OpenMode.ForRead) as Layout;

        PlotInfo pi = new PlotInfo();
        pi.Layout = btr.LayoutId;

        PlotSettings ps = new PlotSettings(lo.ModelType);
        PlotSettingsValidator psv = PlotSettingsValidator.Current;

        pi.OverrideSettings = ps;
        PlotInfoValidator piv = new PlotInfoValidator();
        piv.MediaMatchingPolicy = MatchingPolicy.MatchEnabled;





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Re: printer stored in dwg file

08-06-2013 02:59 PM in reply to: Balaji_Ram
Thank's it's perfect J

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