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create 3d polyline

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01-03-2011 04:41 AM

Hi all,


This should be quite simple for many of you, I believe.

I need to create 3dpolyline interactively by clicking points on the screen. It seems to me that the SendCommand can't be used in my case since I can't make program hold until the user enters the object and also, it doesn't return a reference to the object created. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The problem I have is that GetPoint returns Object (instead of Point3D) which can not be added to pointCollection. Could you give me some suggestions?


The logic should go like this:

        Dim myPoints As New AcadNetGeometry.Point3dCollection

        Dim pt3D As AcadNetGeometry.Point3d
        Do While True
                pt3D = g_oCivil3DDoc.Utility.GetPoint(, "Pick a point:")
            Catch ex As Exception
                Exit Do
            End Try
        Dim myPLine3D As New AcadNetDbServices.Polyline3d(AcadNetDbServices.Poly3dType.SimplePoly, myPoints, True)



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Re: create 3d polyline

01-03-2011 06:48 AM in reply to: matejt



You better not use Utilily.Getpoint.


Try This:

Dim ThisEditor As Autodesk.AutoCAD.EditorInput.Editor = Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.Editor
                        Dim PrpRes As Autodesk.AutoCAD.EditorInput.PromptPointResult = ThisEditor.GetPoint(ControlChars.Lf & "Select a point: ")
                        If PrpRes.Status = Autodesk.AutoCAD.EditorInput.PromptStatus.OK Then
                            Dim MyPoint As Point3d = PrpRes.Value
                        End If




You can refer to Autodesk .NET documentation.


Good Luck!


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Re: create 3d polyline

01-03-2011 06:50 AM in reply to: matejt

Obviously, you are using COM API's GetPoint() method, which returns an object - an array of Double type with 3 elements. It is not Autodesk.AutoCAD.Geometry.Point3dCollection. Thus, your code does not work.


First of all, why use COM API's AcadUtility.GetPoint() method at all while you are doing managed API project? You should use:


Editor.GetPoint() in conjunction with PromptPointOptions/PromptPointResult object to get user-picked point as Point3d value.


If you HAVE TO use AcadUtility.GetPoint() for some very odd reason in a managed API project (what it could be, I wonder), then you should create a Point3d struct from the returned 3-element array:


Do While Trye


    Dim pt As object=g_oCivil3DDoc.Utility.GetPoint(,"Pick point:")

    Point3d p=New Point3d(pt(0),pt(1),pt(2))



    Exit Do

  End Try




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Re: create 3d polyline

01-03-2011 07:46 AM in reply to: norman.yuan

Thanx for the replies!

Obviously, I need to fully understand basic conceps first.

Could you refer me to some good resources i.e. ebooks, tutorials, etc. as to vb.NET for AutoCAD. In fact, I was able to download pretty useful AutoCAD Civil 3D Developer's Guide, however, I haven't found any good reference of pure AutoCAD .NET (except the on-line AutoCAD .NET Developer's Guide which I don't find very well structured and explanatory).

What would you recommend?


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Re: create 3d polyline

01-04-2011 12:57 AM in reply to: matejt

Hi there,


There are sever resources.


http://docs.autodesk.com/ACD/2010/ENU/AutoCAD%20.NET%20Developer's%20Guide/index.html a guide by autodesk.

http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=1911627 look at the autocad 2010 .net training it's in c# en VB.net


and a great book. By Jerry Winters called VB.NET for AutoCAD 2010 it's a level 1 book and heard he is writing a level 2 book right now.


The book can be orderd on his website. www.vbcad.com 


Kind regards

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