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Object data to Aeccpoints

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08-06-2012 04:53 PM

I want to be able to attach object data to a cogopoint, becuase we are having problems with the attribute data disappearing from the point. Here is what I have so far but getting a Autodesk.Gis.Map.MapException error thrown. 


oAeccApp = oAcadApp.GetInterfaceObject("AeccXUiLand.AeccApplication.9.0")
oAeccDoc = oAeccApp.ActiveDocument
oAeccDB = oAeccApp.ActiveDocument.Database

Dim oPoints As Autodesk.AECC.Interop.Land.AeccPoints
Dim oPoint As Autodesk.AECC.Interop.Land.AeccPoint
oPoints = oAeccDB.Points

Dim pointLocation As Point3d = Nothing

Dim location(0 To 2) As Double
location(0) = x
location(1) = y
location(2) = z
oPoint = oAeccDoc.Points.Add(CType(location, Object))
oPoint.RawDescription = myPoints(4)

oPoint.Number = pid
Dim id As ObjectId = PointEntity.FromAcadObject(oPoint)
Dim pt As PointEntity = acTrans.GetObject(id, Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.OpenMode.ForWrite, False)
Dim odtable As ObjectData.Table = tables(tablename)

' Create and initialize an record
Dim tblRcd As Record = Record.Create()

Dim val As MapValue = tblRcd(0) ' String type


For cnt = 1 To myPoints.GetUpperBound(0) - 3

val = tblRcd(cnt)
val.Assign(myPoints(cnt + 3))


val = tblRcd(12)

table.AddRecord(tblRcd, id)  ''Autodesk.Gis.Map.MapException is thrown here

Posts: 18
Registered: ‎09-13-2007
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Re: Object data to Aeccpoints

08-08-2012 06:03 AM in reply to: tdunn3

I solved this by importing the points first and then running through the csv again to apply the object data.

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