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Can you convert .NEt to VisualC++ARX?

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01-13-2013 08:16 PM


I need convert the source . NET to C++ARX?
Please  help, can you translate source1 to source2?
You replace "????" with your source.
The string "????" is idem with "???".
Many thanks............

    // ByA: The source (c#) by KeanWalmsley.
    void GetNormalAndPoint(
     AcGe.Surface surf, ref Vector3d normal, ref Point3d pt)
      Interval[] box = surf.GetEnvelope();
      double p1 = box[0].LowerBound + box[0].Length / 2.0;
      double p2 = box[1].LowerBound + box[1].Length / 2.0;
      Point2d ptParams = new Point2d(p1, p2);
      PointOnSurface pos = new PointOnSurface(surf, ptParams);
      normal = pos.GetNormal(ptParams);
      pt = pos.GetPoint(ptParams);

    int GetNormalAndPoint(AcGeSurface surf, &AcGeVector3d normal, AcGePoint3d &pt)
                  int rr=RTREJ;
               AcGeInterval uParam;
               AcGeInterval vParam;
               int p1ok=0;
               double p1;
               double p2;
               ((AcGeExternalBoundedSurface*)surf)->getEnvelope(uParam, vParam);    
               if ((uParam.isBounded()) && (vParam.isBounded()))
                  {  p1ok=1;
                     p1 = uParam.lowerBound() + (uParam.length() / 2.0);
                     p2 = vParam.lowerBound() + (vParam.length() / 2.0);
               if (p1ok==0) { ads_printf(_T("\n procedures GetNormalAndPoint failed"));return(rr);};
               AcGePoint2d ptParams(p1,p2);                                               
               AcGePoint3d pos = ((AcGeExternalBoundedSurface*)surf)->evalPoint(ptParams);

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Re: Can you convert .NEt to VisualC++ARX?

01-14-2013 05:37 AM in reply to: diagodose2009

If you mean automate conversion from C# to C++, no that's not going to be possible.


The basic ways that the APIs and the languages work are different, and becauss the managed wrappers often do more than just delegate to a native C++ API (mostly relating to marshaling data from native to managed and visa verse), it's not as simple as converting a call to a managed api into a call to a native API. There are also many managed types that have no direct native counterparts, or are radically different from their native counterparts.


If your intention is automating conversion as a way of getting around having to learn C++ and/or the native ObjectARX API, then please don't waste anyone's time with that.

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Re: Can you convert .NEt to VisualC++ARX?

01-15-2013 06:19 PM in reply to: DiningPhilosopher

Thank you, for all

You replace "????"with three lines:



     AcGePoint3d pos = ((AcGeExternalBoundedSurface*)         
       AcGePointOnSurface normalobj(*surfaceGeometry,ptParams);
      AcGeVector3d normal=normalobj.normal(ptParams);
     AcGePoint3dptdoi=normalobj.point(ptParams);  //euaici: ptdoi is idem with  pt

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