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surface from splines

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09-02-2009 03:14 PM
i want to reconstruct a surface I built in rhino - i have brought in splines but I'm not sure how to build it. In other programs I might loft or build from 4 edges - which I have. I am not sure what the most direct method is in max. My surface has 4 edges...the loft command doesn't exactly work the way I expect it would....any advice?
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Re: surface from splines

09-02-2009 03:17 PM in reply to: gabriel_friedman
try the crosssection modifier or change the splines to nurbs and loft from there. you should have posted the rhino image
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Re: surface from splines

09-03-2009 01:26 AM in reply to: tyree_10
or just the Surface mod may do it.
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