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Exporting Assembly Tree from Mechanical Desktop 2009

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10-23-2013 05:25 AM



Is there a way to export parts from Mechanical Desktop 2009 to AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 and still maintain the attributes associated with that part in Assembly Tree (the BOM)?


As of right now the only way that I have currently to bring our old models from MDT 2009 to AM 2013 is using AMACISOUT from MDT and using ACISIN in AM, but this method will only bring in the model, and will bring in none of the attributes.  I can import the BOM as well, but is there anyway to populate the assebly tree and restore associations?


Thank you  

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Re: Exporting Assembly Tree from Mechanical Desktop 2009

12-13-2013 07:44 AM in reply to: cgoold

I'd say probably not. I am assuming that by "attributes" you mean parametric constraints and it's my understanding (or misunderstanding) that AutoCad Mechanical doesn't have that capability. And by "assembly tree" I again assume you mean the desktop browser which is indiginous to MDT. Why did you trade your Ferrari for a Toyota anyway? If you want those capabilities, use MDT.

    Hope this helps

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Re: Exporting Assembly Tree from Mechanical Desktop 2009

12-16-2013 02:36 AM in reply to: cgoold

Its not by choice, our company (IT) has required that all computers be upgraded to 64-bit for security purposes, and we are using Mechanical Desktop 2009 and Router-Cim 2011 (Its a CNC  Programming software used within AutoCAD) 32-bit.  Router Cim 2011 is compatible with Mechanical Desktop 2009 32-bit, but not the 64-bit version.  We can still use MDT 2009 we have the 64-bit version, but the issue is our programming software, as we will no longer be able to program out of MDT, because Router-Cim never made their software compatible with the 64-bit version we are being forced to use AutoCAD Mechanical.  Our engineers here produce models in MDT 2009 and it makes it difficult to extract all of the necessary information and bring it into AutoCAD Mechanical, so as of right now we have to switch back and forth and deal with the fact that the models associated with our parts do not update automatically when they are edited by engineering.

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