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User Sizable Revision Tags

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by Mentor on ‎09-11-2013 09:00 AM

It would seem that when using the standard revision tag that a text size of 1/8" (.125") gets you a triangle height of 3/8" (.375"). On a general drawing, that's not really an issue. However, the standard parts list has a line spacing of around 1/4" (.25"). If you have to put a rev triangle inside the parts list (or titleblock, general table, etc), the standard triangle is just too big.


The current 'solution' to this is to reduce the text heigh. Well, in order to get the triangle height down to 1/4" to fit into the tables, you have to reduce the text size to .05" (less than 1/16") and it's just too small to be read. Doing the math there, you get about .1" of white space above/below your rev number before the triangle appears. That's 4x more white than text. WAY too much.


Please stick a 'Symbol Height' variable in the Revision Tag tab of the Revsion style to address this. If people want a to stick a 3/32" piece of text in a 1/4" triangle, they should be able to do so, and do so with a simple style tweak. They shouldn't have to create a custom symbol that doesn't link to the revision system.


I'm not sure why this hasn't been done yet, looking at the forum it's been asked for for over a decade. This really should just be a matter of opening the parameter to the style, shouldn't it?

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