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looking for right Ribs-generating technique

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12-11-2012 12:04 PM


I am looking for a technique to learn and I even don't know how it is called, so I will explain here and hope to have your kind help.


The question is 'how to generate ribs out of surface, to machine from wood and assemble the skeleton for doing fiberglass' (sorry for not that clear, English not native to me and yet this is really hard problem for me).


You can see it in this video on 2:00


Someone generated those wooden ribs, machined it and assembled the shape to fill inside with stereofoam (say), and cover by fiberglass to generate mold.


I failed to find any kind of tutorial that answers "how generate such ribs out of a surface at hand". Please give ideas or point me somewhere I could find related information.


Thank you,