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addition of (For Drawing)

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03-06-2012 11:40 AM

I was working within a model already on file.  I made numerous change to the original model (and didn't save= first mistake).  I then imported a hinge file that contained two parts.  I place both parts in the model seperately.  I then constrained them to one piece within the original model.  I then created a piece of sheet metal.  I tried to manipulate the sheet metal with a flange, and it would not allow me to select an edge.  I then tried to constrain the imported hinge part to the new sheet metal, and it would not allow me to select the hinge part.  I thought it might be a glitch, so I saved, closed out, and reopened the file.  (second mistake.)  It was after I reopened the file that I noticed that it now says (For Drawing) after the file name.  Because I saved and reopened the file, I cannot back up to where this is not the case.  How do I get back to being able to manipulate the model?  Please help!  I'm on a deadline.