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Inventor and multiple Vaults

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01-02-2014 08:39 AM

I have searched the documentation and forums but have not found the answers, I appologixe if I missed them.

Question:  Is there anything special about setting up Inventor to use more than one Vault?


I have recently joined a new organization that uses Inventor and Vault (currently on 2012, planning a 2014 deployment in the newar future).  The Engeneering group is setting up a new Vault for a new series of projects.  Everyone who was directly involved in the deployment of the current Vault has moved on but the remaining users think that there was something "special" done during that process.

In reading through the documentation and forums I have noticed a split between using one Project file for everything vs. multiple Project files.  In our case, the new project series will be distinct from existing projects.  Would there be a major advantage one way or the other?

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Re: Inventor and multiple Vaults

01-06-2014 03:46 PM in reply to: rpidgeon

I see a little confusion with some Vault terms and where you are trying to go.


An Autodesk Data Management Server can have several independent Vaults installed.  Each Vault requires a separate log-in, can have different users, rules, files etc.  It is not easy to transfer files from one Vault to another. This is different than having several project files.


Do you want the new project to be independent from all of the old work your company has ever done?  This can include hardware like nuts and bolts and other content center stuff?  If yes, than set up a new Vault with its own project file.  Each Vault should have its own dedicated workspace directory on each user's workstation. Again, do not expect to be able to transfer files with all version/revision history from one Vault to another.


You can also have more than one project file per Vault.  I've never worked in that environment, but some people like it. Each project file can point to different template files, directory trees, and other typical Inventor settings.  You might use this along with folder security to assign different designers to different projects and limit access to new designs.  All files will be stored in the same Vault so admin users can see everything at once.  You will have a single workspace on each user's desktop.  Moving files is as simple as drag-and-drop with the Vault client.  Typically you have a single project file that can see every directory and file in the Vault and then you might have project files for individual projects, or editing standard parts, or other specific tasks.  These sub-project files might be located in sub-directories in the main workspace directory.







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Re: Inventor and multiple Vaults

01-07-2014 07:19 AM in reply to: swalton

Thank you for your reply.


The Engineers want to do a separate Vault, not carrying anything over from the old one.  The new Vault had already been created when I joined the organization.  They have been using it for pretty much everything except Inventor so far but are now ready to start work in Inventor.


Having read through the Inventor documentation on Project Files, it looks to be quite straight-forward.  However, I am not familiar with Inventor yet and the Engineers that were around when the original Vault was set up seem to think that there was something done that went beyond the documentation.  Any documentation that may have been created during this process is no longer available.  I know that it is impossible to know what was done, but are there any common variances or additions I should look for?  I don't think that they need anything special to start with, just a single, master project file for now.




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Re: Inventor and multiple Vaults

01-07-2014 02:27 PM in reply to: rpidgeon

The thing about documenting what you have done with Vault is an interesting argument. It's always nice to do it up front, since it helps solidify what you have created in your head. If done correctly it can also be quite a nice visual reference. However, more often than not, a Vault implementation will grow & change as your knowledge does. But it also changes year on year as new features are added or old ones enhanced. Keeping on top of that documentation can be a big job.


The thing about Vault is, once you know your way around, everything is documentated anyway. All the settings & dialogues allow you to go into them and take a look at what has been setup. All the settings are stored centrally on the server. Unlike Inventor where they are different at each machine.


So, if the current set of engineers are concerned something will be missed in the configuration moving from one Vault to the next. Then you need not worry. Just go through the existing Vault and document everything that is there (I will solidfy your understanding), then set it up in the new Vault to match. You can also export the configuration from the old Vault to the New one.... but you should investigate how that handles conflict resolution (I haven't got aroudn to doing that yet). However, you will still have to go and add all the group security permissions to all the lifecycles etc.. since Global settings (such as users and groups, pretty much all settings which go across multiple Vaults), aren't carried through in this process. But it would save you from recreating all of the UDP settings and mappings, as well as, Categories, Category Rules and Lifecycles.


I hope this helps

Scott Moyse

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