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Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

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12-04-2012 11:25 AM

We just switched to Inventor 2013.

What in the set up could be causing poor graphic performance (chugging, parts dissapearing when rotating model) - we have few stations with the same parameters, some perform well some as above?

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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-04-2012 11:42 AM in reply to: Infoseeker

Please post a sampling of the system specs of the systems that are having troubles.



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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 08:08 AM in reply to: Infoseeker

I am having a similar problem. IV 2012 works fine. IV 2013 is essentially unusable. Pan and orbit take minutes to update. Features seem to work ok. Adding a fillet or hole is about the same as 2012. The view cube also takes almost a minute to update a view, even the home view.

I would like to start using 2013 and am reluctant to remove 2012 since it is working and 2013 is not. My system meets requirements for both:

 Total amount of system memory8.00 GB RAM
 System type64-bit operating system
 Number of processor cores4
 Total size of hard disk(s)2011 GB
 Disk partition (C)393 GB Free (914 GB Total)
 Media drive (D)CD/DVD
 Disk partition (E)2 GB Free (124 GB Total)
 Disk partition (F)54 GB Free (58 GB Total)
 Disk partition (X)393 GB Free (914 GB Total)
 Display adapter typeATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
 Total available graphics memory4735 MB
 Dedicated graphics memory1024 MB
 Dedicated system memory0 MB
 Shared system memory3711 MB
 Display adapter driver version8.970.100.3000
 Secondary monitor resolution1920x1080
 Primary monitor resolution1280x1024
 DirectX versionDirectX 10
 Network AdapterMarvell Yukon 88E8071 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
 Network AdapterRealtek 8185 Extensible 802.11b/g Wireless Device

The forums seem like a good place to start, but I have seen that many others are having a similar issue and I see no resolution so far.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 08:15 AM in reply to: bradleydawson

Did you install SP1.1 and update 1 for SP1.1?

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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 08:28 AM in reply to: john.retzlaff

Are these service packs for Autodesk or Windows? How do I check for these?

I just uninstalled IV2013 and downloaded and installed it again. It should be the latest available.

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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 08:30 AM in reply to: bradleydawson
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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 08:46 AM in reply to: bradleydawson

Bradley, you could well be hitting the limits of that pc tbh.


looking for DX4300 I get this spec:


The Radeon 4650 (benchmark)

is v low powered compared to what Inventor really needs (and can only guess the 4600 is even worse).


No idea why your spec say's you've allocated 3711MB ram to be shared with the graphics card - personally would suggest nocking that down to leave as much of the 8gb left to be system ram and have the gpu just use its on-board memory.  I would also try updating the drivers - the one listes is about 6 months old.  might also try disabling the 2nd monitor to see if it helps at all (give as much processing power to 1 screen and Inventor instead of trying to deal with displaying info on 2 screens).


AMD Phenom II X4 810(2.6GHz) (benchmark for single-threaded application)

is pretty awful too, compared to most modern cpus.


at the end of the day, it's a 3-4 year old system spec that was only "average" speed when new.  Sorry to say it, but could well be the case of needing new hardware.



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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 10:21 AM in reply to: sam_m

The problems are with extremely simple models, like an extruded rectangle. The reqs for 2012 are not much different from 2013, but if you're right, I will stay with 2012 until enough issues force me to update my system.

In the meantime, I am going to the install forum to find out why double clicking the msp files doesn't work.

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Re: Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-12-2012 04:48 PM in reply to: bradleydawson

DirectX10 is not helping as well. You probably have a slow hard-drive as well.


Open your task manager and look for any programs/services that are using a lot of resources. Having items running in the back-ground and a nice picture on your moniter doesn't help either.


You can also turn off all the "bling" on your system:


Start>Control Panel>System Properties>Advanced>Performance>Settings>Adjust for best performance


Defrag your system and clean all temp files / directories.

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Re : Installed INV 2013 - very slow.

12-17-2012 09:37 AM in reply to: Infoseeker

Hello all,


it seems we are some users in this forum to have Inventor 2013 which become painfully slow even to extrude a simple cube...


Refer to this :


Maybe our PC spec are not the best but what I can't understand is:


" Why Inventor 2012 was running well and Inventor 2013 is painfully slow... Something is wrong.. How could be a computer be at ground with only a simple function and only one version more.!! :smileysad: "


Something other, here in my office we are 6 users, only 2 ( including me:smileymad:)have this slowdown problem with same PC specs, same hotfix, ...




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