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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-06-2013 09:29 AM in reply to: CelticDesignServices

Yes, I could complain about lots of things about Inventor and how it should do it this way (and do :smileyhappy: ), but they are trying to cover the vast majority of situations, not every little detail (customize your workflow). But I can say I am very satisfied with inventor overall and can usually get what I need done without help 95% of the time. Have been using it since 2005, so that helps. Some people get set in their ways and hate to take the time to learn new ones. Currently one of our engineers thinks 3D modeling in Autocad is better than Inventor and another thinks Autocad is better (because this is all they know). After years of using Inventor I hate having to do things in Autocad now, so complex and painstaking now it seems. So it isn't pefect, but I don't have $20,000 per seat to use Tekla Structure software. Want it all done for you, gotta pay for it.

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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 03:51 AM in reply to: CelticDesignServices

Well done Jim, your patience is far greater than mine.


All software have their flaws, we were just talking about the differences between SWx and Inventor today at work since we run both. In this instance SWx was struggling to do what Inventor does with ease. Sometimes though it is the other way around. I think Inventor is more flexible overall and based on my experience most users that make the transition prefer it (not all though). It is all the little subtleties that add up. Anyway, I have been using Inventor for years at an advanced level and there isn't much that it can't handle. Most of the time these comments are based on a lack of training or asking the wrong people.


 How about we quit the whining and keep this a constructive forum?


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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 06:42 AM in reply to: CelticDesignServices


That sounds like a few people I have worked with over the years..I was helping a company transition to Inventor once from Mechanical..In training, one of the guys was bitching about having to create sub assemblies rather than one top level assembly for his project. I tried repeatedly to teach him the best way to use subs, model parts, etc..When I left there he was still using Mechanical, refusing to use Inventor because "it sucked" went back there 2 years later and his boss was telling me they had sent him for training 2 more times, and he has only marginal skills using Inventor. He hadnt completed a single project without significant help since I was there originally..Some people just dont want to learn, and are only kept around because they know where the bodies are buried..


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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 07:13 AM in reply to: riff62

I think it's that some people CAN'T learn, and it's not because they are not intelligent. Example: One of our clients is an ivy league university that has a particle accelerator. They have many seats of Inventor and model everything. I've trained many of their users, and some are double PHD physicists...These guys are super smart but there were a few who had trouble with basic modeling, and one in particular who took a basic class twice, yet never mastered even fundamental modeling skills yet he was a fantastic theoretical physicist..So there you go!

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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 07:48 AM in reply to: swhite


That university wouldnt happen to be located in Central NY, would it?..:smileylol:
Brilliant people, as you said..but sometimes you just have to

We have a couple particle accelerators here..I do design work for them.



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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 09:16 AM in reply to: riff62

No comment



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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 09:24 AM in reply to: jletcher

Hey all just trying to catch up read some post and some of you all just don't get it.


Not sure how long most of you used Inventor but I have been using it from Inventor 3 I did not mess with 1 or 2 played with them but to new so never went into design with it.


Then I received a call to come play with it for Autodesk at which time I did. Learned a a lot of internal things with it.

More then the show you.


But anyway Inventor was the best I would praise it almost as if it was a god (but not). I fought with the Solid works guys and proved a lot of them wrong when they said things about Inventor to a point I would devote my life on proving them wrong and did many times.


Now some say there will be someone that will still say something about solid works and Inventor not having it.


I don't care I about that, what I care about is the direction they are moving with Inventor and not maintaining the stableness of it.


If I wanted what Solid works has I would just start using it not complain Inventor don't have it.


Inventor was fast stable if you had your system set up right (video cards being clue here). Never did I have the issues I have now that they changed the Interface and I mean never. But from day one of this new Interface nothing but bugs and I mean lots of them.


Plus with this new Interface they have added extra clicks many many extra clicks to a point I rather go back to Auto Cad. Just so you know for me to say that is hell freezing over. When I started with Inventor I refused to ever go back to it or even use it. I would walk out of job interviews if they did not have Inventor.


As of now I do not promote Inventor and when asked I tell them to stick with what they have. This has cost Autodesk about 250 seats of Inventor not much so they don't care.


There are so many thing I could point out but I really don't care any longer I have start a new 3D software and looking very promising (still in Inventor for now) when I finish my testing and if I feel it is good to go I have about 315 seats I will change over from Inventor. If not I will stay with Inventor and just throw things at it till I do find one.


But here is the deal if you all don't vote for Don't add anything, the bugs will be more and more. I am not the type to pay for something that they claim and it is not what they claim I will sound off...........


All I ask is for them to step back and evaluate what I have to say trust me no one is faster than I am many have tried many have failed.


Even Autodesk reps tell Inventor owners to call me when they need help. I have 4 right now begging for my help because Autodesk has no clue and sent them to me.


But there I have more but I am done. I was not going to comment but someone told me that people are posting things that have no idea what I am talking about.


Good luck guys I may see you again and I may not depends on Autodesk..


(long rant sorry for being all over the place I am just very very upset about this)

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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 09:37 AM in reply to: jletcher

I think it's time to start over. The softwares foundation is too old.

It needs an updated kernel with multicore support. It needs to be written from the ground up with PDM in mind.

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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 11:47 AM in reply to: Vlad.Makarov

Somewhat interesting point, but like the IdeaStation item its a little vague - make *what* multi-threaded?  "Everything" isn't going to happen since not every operation can be processed that way.  Like the Olympic Men's 4x100 relay event, it doesn't matter if runners are on parallel tracks; the next runner can't get started until the previous one gets to him.  With a little forethought it can be detailed out a little, which means those people screening the ideas don't have to do a whole lot of legwork and checking to see if its already implemented behind the scenes, or if its technically feasible.


To be blunt, "No improvements/fix all bugs" is a nice idea but isn't realistic from either a business or development perspective.  Not adding anything will cause another set of users to complain that AutoDesk isn't listening to the users (e.g. "Make everything multi-threaded"), doesn't care what users think, and so on.  From a techincal standpoint, a bug in a part of the program which is slated to be completely replaced in a couple of years (replacing code which is obsolete, or would prevent certification for a new OS), would be a waste of limited resources and leave development further behind against a constantly moving (and accelerating) technology target.


That being said, the current intersection of hardware, software, OS, and current UI development could be enough to justify the starting point for a nearly ground-up rewrite.  Older parts may require a complete rewrite; newer parts may only require minor modifications but could require major surgery to account for the other changes.  It would add several features, and would fix some bugs through code fixes or outright removal of the offending section, but as with anything complex additional problems would be created to replace them.  It could also very well require migrating current Inventor stock to a new format.  This would also require a great deal of patience on the part of the end users - such a task would be years in the offing.

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Re: I remember when Inventor Worked

03-07-2013 01:46 PM in reply to: jletcher

Hey there Jim,


Just wanted to apologize, I feel like I may have hi-jacked your thread with my rant about Inventor vs SW.

it wasn't my intent.

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