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"Select other" function is not working or turned off

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04-09-2012 03:29 PM

I can't get the select other function to work.  When doing a measurement, if I right click on an item, then click "select other", nothing happens.  This also is the case when applying constraints. In application options, the select other timer is set to 2.0 sec., it is not set to off.

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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

04-09-2012 10:29 PM in reply to: mikereff

That has bugged me for some time as well. Do not see the point in having the option if it is "dead". I come across it all the time with 2 wall sheets beside one another (common line). 


I always get told to turn visibility of one off then do what you need to - then turn visibility back on. Grrr.


This sounds like it needs to go straight to trumpy81's thread below...





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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

04-09-2012 11:15 PM in reply to: PaulB108

I don't know for sure, but are you guys waiting for 2 seconds WITHOUT moving the mouse?

Any mouse movement while waiting will cancel the request for it to show up.


Try setting the 'select other delay (sec)' to 1 sec and see if it appears.


What versions are you using guys?

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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

04-10-2012 06:19 AM in reply to: mikereff

Yes, obviously I've waited the 2 seconds. That doesn't matter though, because when you right click and select "select other", the menu should pop up immediately.

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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

04-10-2012 08:26 AM in reply to: mikereff

What Inventor version are u using?  Does it do this on every part or just some?  If you are in the measure command and right click on an edge, then pick select other, you should get a left and right arrow and a center button. You dont have to pick the arrows to move through the selections, you can use your mouse wheel and the different edges, faces or points will highlight as you go thru them.


In pre-2013, you dont really get a menu when you "select other". 2013 has a select other menu that drops down and you pick what you want (edge, face, vertex... etc).

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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

04-10-2012 08:42 AM in reply to: karthur1

I have noticed on occasion that the new select other tool will not be displayed no matter what you do.. Simply closing the file and even restarting Inventor will/should make it work again (it has everytime its happened to me..roughly 10 times).

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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

04-11-2012 03:37 AM in reply to: mcgyvr

I have also experienced this, and closing/reopening Inventor takes care of it.  When this happens I also have no right-click menu/marking menu.

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Re: "Select other" function is not working or turned off

11-11-2012 10:06 PM in reply to: mikereff

A bit strange......


I had inventor on my second screen and issues with select other function. As soon as inventor changed back onto main screen and it is sorted.



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