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Problems with Inventor 2013 Content Center (Material set as "Default")

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09-21-2012 11:56 AM

So we switched to Inventor 2013 last month and everything is OK (crashes a lot) except for our Content Center.  If we place a Content Center component that has been placed before, it places it with a "default" material.  If it is a Content Center component that has never been placed before, it has material set as "hardware" as it should. I followed the directions when I imported my 2012 custom library into 2013, but it appears I went wrong somewhere.  This whole appearances thing is really getting on my nerves...


Another related problem: when generating parts lists in an IDW, the Content Center parts that are "default" material end up having a 100-ish charicter long gibberish in the material field.

If I attempt to Refresh out-of-date standard parts, the pop-up window shows "failed" on all parts.  Looking in the log file, it shows "unable to set material" as the reason.  (see picture)

Any help here would be great.  I NEED all content center files to have material set as "Hardware".