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Part edges not showing in IDW

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08-09-2012 09:51 AM

I have a part that refuses to display properly in orthographic drawing views.  The image below shows how it renders in a drawing.  The drawing view to the left is the problematic one, the iso view to the right is just to show what the part actually looks like.


Lines Missing - Updated.png


Funny thing, though, when the drawing view is updating (with the green brackets around it), the lines show just fine (see below).  But they disappear as soon as the drawing is fully updated.


Lines Visible - Updating.png


I have attached the offensive part and the drawing shown in the images.


I tried turning on tangent edges and interference edges, but no luck.

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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-09-2012 10:18 AM in reply to: cwhetten

Seems to be linked with the bend if you roll up the end of part above your bend it shows..



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James Letcher
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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-09-2012 10:59 AM in reply to: jletcher

Thanks for taking a look at it.  I noticed that too.  I have a hunch that Inventor just can't compute the complex spline that results after the bend.  But it does just fine in the temporary image that is shown during view computation, and iso views seem to be ok, so...?


How can we have confidence in the software if stupid little things like this make it impossible to document our designs?


Edit:  It seems to work in every other orthographic view except the one I need! :smileymad:


Lines Missing 1.PNG

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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-09-2012 11:33 AM in reply to: cwhetten

The edges show up fine in a partial detail view, as long as you don't include the entire edge.


I even tried it modeling the part as a solid instead of surfaces and it has the same results.


Veeeerrrry strange!!!

Mike Patchus

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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-09-2012 02:58 PM in reply to: mpatchus

Thanks for looking at it and finding yet another strange aspect to this issue.


Edit: I also noticed that if I take a section view from the top (so that the section view is the same orientation as the problematic view), it displays properly.  Unfortunately, this won't work for how I need to document this part.


Any Deskers out there want to take a look at this?  When designing new parts, do we need to be afraid that our geometry might not show up on the drawings?

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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-09-2012 04:22 PM in reply to: cwhetten

Any reason you why can't show it in full section with the base view on or off of the sheet?



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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-10-2012 08:04 AM in reply to: JDMather

Thanks for looking at it, JD.  Your suggestion would work just fine for a detail drawing of the part itself, but we have from 8 to 14 of these in our model.  They show up in several subassembly drawings where it isn't very convenient or desireable to have a section view right through this part.


As a workaround, one of our designers has used a breakout view through only this part, and that seems to be acceptable.


It's very inconvenient to have to take these measures simply to get a part to display properly.

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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

08-10-2012 02:09 PM in reply to: cwhetten

Hi! The behavior exhibited by the files is not correct. The sihouette should be shown in the views. I am forwarding it to development for further investigation.



Johnson Shiue (
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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

10-02-2012 07:40 AM in reply to: johnsonshiue

I had a similar problem where some lines would not show in a basic view. In scouring the boards, I found a strange solutiont that worked for me. Click into the properties of the view, and on the Display Options tab...toggle on "Tangent Edges". Not exactly sure why, but it worked for me and some other users.


Good luck!

Jason Bush
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Re: Part edges not showing in IDW

04-04-2013 02:26 PM in reply to: jbush812

thank god i found your post. many thanks.

I DESPISE USING THIS BLOATED PIECE OF TRASH INVENTOR! i am nowhere near as productive as when I use SW. I thought that maybe when they came out w/Inventor, it would be a lot easier than Mechanical Desktop. A JOKE. NO SUCH LUCK INVENTOR IS 10X 100X WORSE.

 I am forced to use it in my job. this is what happens when the people with the purchase order know absolutely nothing about a CAD system.


I'VE BEEN DRIVING AUTOCAD SINCE 1989. acad IS A good cad package, but this completey sucks.


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