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Inventor project file keeps switching to default

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09-25-2012 05:50 AM

I run inventor with Vault. I have a project file set up in my vault directory. Each time I close everything and restart my computer inventor switches the Project back to default. I have deleted every .ipj I could find. Below is a screen shot of what I see every morning. It should be on vault but it is not. If I start by checking out a file from vault it checks it back in because the .IPJ is not set in inventor. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Re: Inventor project file keeps switching to default

09-25-2012 06:00 AM in reply to: jacob.gondek
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Re: Inventor project file keeps switching to default

10-09-2012 12:48 PM in reply to: jacob.gondek

In the Tools ribbon > Application Options > File tab > the "Projects folder" directory usually contains shortcuts to the project files listed in the project editor. If you browse to that location, do you see a shortcut associated to the VAULT.ipj?


Do you have read/write access to the "Projects folder" directory?




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Re: Inventor project file keeps switching to default

11-06-2013 04:13 AM in reply to: innovatenate

Im having a similar problem. I have 2 computers sharing an external hard drive over windows 7 hmoegroup sharing (read/write access)


When one computer clicks projects on inventor, All the short-cuts are deleted straight away and only the default shows... i then browse and add some shortcuts back.


on the 2nd computer when I click Projects on inventor, the newly added short-cuts are instantly wiped from the physical hard drive,  and only the default project is visible. This loop keeps repeating!


Please help


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Re: Inventor project file keeps switching to default

11-06-2013 04:26 AM in reply to: craigzcool

just to add. the shortcuts are being deleted from the main projects folder and not the individual project folder. each time I click browse, go into the project folder and re-point to the original ipj file.. inventor then places a shortcut in the main projects folder but is deleted by the other computer

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Re: Inventor project file keeps switching to default

11-06-2013 05:04 AM in reply to: craigzcool

another consideration, At our main office we have the same system worknig perfectly with our external project storage being a server (using single-user projects) but the example I'm refering to here is using a standard USB hard drive plugged in, im not sure if that has anything to do with it.


any help will be much apreciated, 


Thanks, Craig

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Re: Inventor project file keeps switching to default

11-06-2013 11:05 AM in reply to: jacob.gondek

In my experience, working directly off of an external USB hard drive is a bad idea. You are more likely to corrupt data working over a network drive, especially if it is a USB external drive. A great feature of Vault, is that data can be edited from a local hard-drive, while be managed from a centralized location.


Some things to consider about saving files in Inventor:


  • Inventor handles no I/O directly, it depends on the Microsoft Windows API for all file handling
  • Inventor does not store and work off of a local copy like Autocrat does, all work is done on the live copy of the file
  • The file is only locked during the actual read/write process
  • Lock is released immediately after I/O is done
  • Read as last save wins. This is a major advantage of a Vault.
  • Inventor makes heavy use of the Microsoft structured file system
  • Structured Storage provides file and data persistence in COM by handling a single file as a structured collection of objects known as storages and streams
  • The purpose of Structured Storage is to reduce the performance penalties and overhead associated with storing separate objects in a single file. Structured Storage provides a solution by defining how to handle a single file entity as a structured collection of two types of objects—storages and streams—through a standard implementation called Compound Files. This enables the user to interact with, and manage, a compound file as if it were a single file rather than a nested hierarchy of separate objects.
  • Inventor takes advantage of features in the MS Structured File System to increase I/O performance.
  • Inventor files are different than most Windows files. Each of the files could be considered a database collection of different files. 
  • Inventor only reads the information that is needed for the task at hand.which reduces file read and write time
  • When Inventor writes the file back it makes use of the structured file system clone feature. It clones the sections of the file that were not read and creates the newly updated file form the cloned information and the modified information.
  • Inventor Saves to a temporary file and then moves the original into old versions and then renames the temp file to the original name.

 Some of these bullet points are not ideal for an external storage device environment.


The project files disappearing may be a signal that there is significant latency working on the USB drive. When initializing the project editor, a maintenance procedure will occur. Any projects that have been deleted or moved, we be removed from the project editor as part of a house-cleaning procedure, designed into the project editor. For example, I generally have a separate .IPJ file for each support case that I'm working on. If I delete the data and the associated project file, the next time I initialize the project editor, Inventor will remove it automatically.


I suspect for this issue, latency through the USB connection is tricking Inventor into thinking the project file has been deleted or moved during initialization of the project editor. Next, the shortcut is deleted and the project is removed from the project editor. Anti-virus software may be the primary cause of this latency; most likely, there is a hardware performance limitation generating this issue.


You may consider testing with your anti-virus disabled. However, I suspect that the USB connection is to blame.


Hope this helps.




Nathan Chandler

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