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Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

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08-02-2011 04:23 AM

Good morning,


I've looked for this problem and I've tried a few of the suggestions, but it still doesn't work.


Every now and them, at least three times a day, my computer screens black out. I'm using Inventor 2011, and both screen go black. It's still running, since I can hear music if it's playing, and I can still transfer files. But I can't see anything on either screen (dual screening or not).


Only happens when Inventor is running. Sometimes as soon as it loads.


I've tried updating my video card, I've tried reinstalling completely Inventor. No memory errors.


I have Inventor 2011, 12gb ram, Quadro 2800M, Windows 7 professional. It's a Dell Precision Laptop.


For obvious reasons I loose productivity every time this happens, and sometimes I have to reboot more than once for my display settings to allow me to output on the laptop screen.


Thanks a lot!


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Re: Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

08-02-2011 08:56 AM in reply to: spawn510

I don't know if your problem is the same as the one I have seen, but I my screens used to black out once in a while.  If it didn't lock up my computer entirely, it would usually come back in a few seconds with the error message in the attached image.


I believe the issue was caused by an inadequate graphics card.  I replaced my Quadro FX 1800 with a Quadro 2000, and I haven't seen the problem since.  The Quadro 2000 is still not a fantastic card, and it has issues of its own with Inventor 2011, but at least my display driver doesn't crash on me anymore (yet).


I'm not familiar with the Quadro 2800M, but if it is not adequate to the task, you may be experiencing the same problem I had.  FWIW.




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Re: Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

08-02-2011 10:29 AM in reply to: spawn510

Thanks for the reply.


My problem is different. It's not Inventor itself that goes black, it's the entire screen (and both of them). To the point where my second screen goes in standby mode, as though the video card is no longer outputting.


We have 4 other identical computers, and only 1 of them has the problem. And this happens after my IT department formated the computer....


Unless there's another solution, I'll try to format my computer and reinstall everything. I was hoping there would be another solution...




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Re: Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

08-02-2011 11:08 AM in reply to: spawn510

have you tried an alternate hardware setting within Inventor to see if that works?


Tools > Application Options > Hardware tab

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Re: Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

08-02-2011 11:18 AM in reply to: ampster

Have you tried your computer with other applications that require the gcard to go into 3d mode?  I have had a machine that worked fine until I started a round of COD4  As soon as the gcard went into 3d it killed the card.  The first problem was a bad power supply that couldn't supply the amps needed on the 12v rail.  I replaced that and was able to game for about 40 minutes then both screens black.  That time it was faulty thermal paste on the gcard heatsink.  I had purchased a new ps and gcard at the same time and both turned out to be faulty.  Anyhow something to check is switch power supplies (if you're using a desktop..... not sure how to test on a laptop.....) and then watch your gcard temps when you get into 3d mode.  My card would rise slowly to 100 and then spike up, at 115 degrees C the gcard would go into protection mode and shut off leaving music playing.  Hope this helps.





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Re: Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

08-02-2011 11:23 AM in reply to: randym1982

Edit doesn't seem to post.... Check your heat sinks for dust.  Laptops are bad for plugged heatsinks and then very random behavior like shutting down gcard (hottest component in the machine)





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Re: Inventor Blacks out Computer periodically

08-02-2011 10:12 PM in reply to: randym1982

Are you on the graphics driver that was shipped with the system. Possibly look at using a Mod'd driver. This will allow you to use the current version of Nvidia drivers and not the old OEM version supplied by Dell.


All you need to do is replace the nv_disp.inf file packaged with the Nvidia driver install package with the file supplied by Laptopvideo2go and install the Nvidia drivers.


I would try that before pulling hardware.

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