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03-11-2003 04:38 AM in reply to: *Kelly, C
I was just opening them with ACIS 3D Open Viewer. A while ago in Version 4 I think I sent inventor solids as SAT files to a supplier who came back saying what are all these construction surfaces. I had used the surfaces to extrude to and visibility was off in the inventor solid. I then opened the SAT files with the ACIS viewer, deleted the construction surfaces, saved it and resent it to the supplier without the surfaces. But you can actually do all this within IV in the latest version. ie when opening the SAT file in IV delete entities you don't want, promote the surface or solid you want and resave as a SAT file.
*Kelly, C
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03-11-2003 04:55 AM in reply to: *Kelly, C
Going to MDT...  Most come thru clean, but I
do get a few errors with some of the surfaces..  Not really a big
deal.  Was just testing some stuff out.  We'll have to wait a couple
more releases, as we surface data very often. 

style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">
just verified that SAT will carry the Inventor construction surfaces.
out of curiousity what program are you taking the surfaces to? When I opened
up the SAT file in MDT I had to issue the am2sf command to turn the surface
from a SAT surface to MDT surface.
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Re: Igesout or stepout of surfaces?

02-01-2010 06:07 AM in reply to: *Kelly, C
Still in IV 2009 there is no clean way to do this! You ought to be able to right click on a surface or composite in the browser - in the part or a construction collection - and *export* just that set of surfaces to another format. You can right click a face and *export* it as DXF or dwg, but who wants to do this one face at a time? And, why on Earth did Autodesk choose to use the word *export* as the term for making something available to files that reference this file? Are those *exported* items leaving this file? I think not! They are still here and yet available to other uses outside this file. You'd think 'share' or 'expose' would be more accurate terms than 'export'. I guess we all need to continue using Save Copy As then use AutoCAD to clean up what we don't want. Of course, the thing we get through Save Copy As is only a *copy* if we choose the Inventor file type. In all other cases, it's actually an *export* of a subset of the file contents.
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Re: Igesout or stepout of surfaces?

02-01-2010 06:24 AM in reply to: *Kelly, C
>Still in IV 2009 there is no clean way to do this!

This is an old old thread.
Couple of quick ideas (I don't have time to test right now).
Copy Face as Surface set option to export surface bodies (I'm using 2010).

Delete Faces unwanted faces and then export (I'm hoping first method will work).

I'll give these a try in 2010 when I get a chance to verify.
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Re: Igesout or stepout of surfaces?

02-01-2010 06:39 AM in reply to: *Kelly, C
Have you had training?

This image is from 2010, but it works the same way in 2009.

In the Construction Environment, RMB on Construction and select Copy
Object (to the Model Environment). Then Save Copy As....
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