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Re: Green brackets around my drawing view? Why?

03-28-2012 08:25 AM in reply to: zma1013

It's a two part problem, your hardware (memory) is not up to running Inventor properly. The differ background updates will help your performance but you will loose the ability for drawings to update in the background.


It will get rid of the green corner hash marks but drawings will be out of date and will update when you open the next page of your drawing. You will need to wait while it updates.


If you were at least on Win7, you could use a thumb-drive for additional memory. Your currently list only 2Gb of memory on your system. This means you will be using your hard-drive as a tempory swap/cache which is extremly slow.

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Re: Green brackets around my drawing view? Why?

03-28-2012 08:29 AM in reply to: blair

To add to what Blair has said about system memory being low the minimum requirement for video memory is 512 MB.

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Re: Green brackets around my drawing view? Why?

01-06-2014 08:55 AM in reply to: KF090

I would suggest that it is, in fact, not a bad idea to turn the feature off. At least until it works properly. What I've observed is that having the feature on allows your views to update in the background which is great but then the user has no option of loading the full view by choice, the user instead has to wait which, depending on the size of the model, can take hours.

What I would suggest is to have the feature turned off until Autodesk integrates a button that can load the full view on demand. One might argue that the "update" button near the application menu will perform this task but after having just attempted to utilize it, I can confirm that it does not, in fact, load the full view and remove the green brackets.


The logic behind this option is solid, but you'll spend more time waiting for the view to eventually load then you would to have the view load all at once when the drawing is opened.


And to confirm, the option is toggled under Application Options/Drawing "Enable Background Updates". Untoggling disables the option but note that I've not found a way to remove the property from views to which it has already been applied. In other words, a view with green brackets must be deleted and replaced (with the option turned off) in order to remove the green brackets. There may be another way but I've not yet found it if there is.

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Re: Green brackets around my drawing view? Why?

01-13-2014 10:46 AM in reply to: blair

In response to my previous post, I've found the button I was missing. If you right click the view, one of the options in the menu will be "Make View Raster" which will add the green brackets to a view if they're not already there. Once they are there, right clicking the view will have the option "Make View Precise" which will update the view and remove the green brackets. So with that said, and to correct my previous reply, I'd say the tool seems like a useful option to have enabled. I don't see why you wouldn't have it turned on at all times.



-Will Mann

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