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Display randomly freezes and won't refresh

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02-08-2011 07:22 AM

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem.  I'm not even sure how to search for a solution as what I'm experiencing is really strange and hard to describe in search criteria.


Anyway, I just updated to the Factory Design Suite Advanced package for 2011 which, of course, includes Inventor.  I have downloaded and installed all updates, service packs and hotfixes I could find btw.  What happens is I'll be working in Inventor on a solid model of ANY size (even a single part) and with absolutely no warning, the display window will freeze up and won't refresh.  What's really weird though is that Inventor itself is not locked up.  I can click on any of the buttons or any of the items shown in the browser as though the program's running normally.  I can check the task manager and it shows Inventor to be running normally.  The memory status bar in Inventor shows lots of available memory.  I can even hover over the display window in the area where the view steering wheel is located and the icon will change appearance as though it's working normally.  I can even save the file.  If I close the file, it responds like normal and goes back to the default screen.  If I try to open ANY file after that, however, the screen will not refresh or show me the file I opened, even though everything else works fine and the program isn't frozen.  The only way to restore full function is to completely close and reopen Inventor (on average I have to do this about once an hour).  Btw, I'm also working in a local directory stored on my hard drive, not a network.


My first inkling is that it's a graphics issue but I have played with all the display settings to no avail.  I ran a diagnostic on the video card and Inventor says that I'm running an Autodesk Certified driver.  All the specs are within reason I think...Can anyone help me?


My workstation specs:

Dell Precision M4500 laptop

Intel core i7 processor, 2.67 GHz


Windows XP Professional SP3, 32-bit, running in 3 GB mode

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M, 1 GB graphics card (just updated the driver change)

230 GB hard drive, 136 GB free space

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Re: Display randomly freezes and won't refresh

02-08-2011 07:50 AM in reply to: Gregory454

First thing..  In Inventor go to tools..application options..hardware tab and set it to "software graphics"

This "should" help eliminate your graphics card as a possible problem as it "should" not use the graphics card at all. Inventor will seem a little more sluggish but if it doesn't happen again then you know it is related to your graphics card.


I might even start with performance or compatibility on that hardware tab first to see if that helps.


Then maybe mess with tools..application options..display tab.. Change the minimum frame rate. I have mine at 2 if that helps.

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Re: Display randomly freezes and won't refresh

02-08-2011 11:14 PM in reply to: mcgyvr

And after trying the things mcgyvr suggested, i'd try turning of the 3GB switch to see if that changes anything.

That switch is prone to make windows pretty unstable.

If you have it set to the full 3GB, try setting it to lower values to see if it works better.

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Re: Display randomly freezes and won't refresh

02-10-2011 10:14 AM in reply to: mcgyvr



Well I switched the hardware to compatibility mode and turned the frame rate down to 2 and still had the problem happen, though it happened less often.  I also went ahead and disabled the nVIEW desktop manager that comes with my NVIDIA driver.  I remembered that it didn't play nicely with the previous version of Inventor that I had on here.  So far, so good...We'll see if it comes back again but I think I'm in better shape now than when I started.

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Re: Display randomly freezes and won't refresh

02-10-2011 10:17 AM in reply to: -niels-



Thanks!  Personally, I'm hoping it won't come down to this but if the fixes I've tried so far don't help, I may have to try it.  As it is, I'm always maxing out the default 2 GB allocation that Windows allows so I made the switch to help me work with larger assemblies.

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Re: Display randomly freezes and won't refresh

06-08-2012 05:24 AM in reply to: Gregory454

I've just had the same problem with my inventor also for the second time but I was running in sofware graphics mode when it happened so good luck with that solution helping you.

I was experencing black screens and windows 7 would tell me my driver failed error and inventor would not work properly after that so that's when I turned on the software graphics. While that problem has not replicated itself again I now have this new one. I'm running a AMD FirePro V4900 on my station when this happened.

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