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Selecting (SelectSet) an Item from the Model Browser in a DrawingDocument

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01-10-2013 11:45 AM

Hello All,


Please look at the image (also Attached)DrawingSelectSet.png


I want to fetch either,


<> The name of the item selected OR

<> The componentOccurrence.Name of the referenced Assembly OR

<> (the best) The DrawingCurve(s) selected in the Window


Keep in mind that the idea is it to allow the user to make more than one selection (i.e. multiple components in browser window)


I have an alternative to make the user to manually select the drawingCurves in the Window, but that is not an elegnt solution to hat I am trying to achive.


If anyone can give me a heads up on what is the object type of the item I am selecting (I tried ComponentOccurrence but failed), even that would be very helpful.


Thanking you all,



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Re: Selecting (SelectSet) an Item from the Model Browser in a DrawingDocument

01-16-2013 02:52 AM in reply to: WHassan

Hi Wajih,


If I understand you correctly then the following VBA code should be of help:

Function GetSelectedItems(nodes As BrowserNodesEnumerator) As String
    Dim node As BrowserNode
    For Each node In nodes
        If node.Selected Then
            GetSelectedItems = GetSelectedItems + vbCrLf + node.BrowserNodeDefinition.Label
        End If
        GetSelectedItems = GetSelectedItems + GetSelectedItems(node.BrowserNodes)
End Function

Sub GetSelectedItemsInBrowser()
    Dim bp As BrowserPane
    Set bp = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.BrowserPanes("DlHierarchy")
    Dim items As String
    items = GetSelectedItems(bp.TopNode.BrowserNodes)
    MsgBox items
End Sub


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