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Re: Programming Inventor: VBA C# or C++?

03-01-2013 10:45 PM in reply to: bsee1

An interesting reply, but C# and VB are NOT very similar. VB is an old language with pecularities because of its decades long history. C# is a new, clean, and well designed language. Maybe you meant that their capabilities WRT Inventor are similar. Thay may be true.


C++ is not "much lower level". C++ can be as high level or low level as the programmer decides. That is its good point and bad point. It is certainly more sophisticated than C# and VB.


You are right to be concerned about the apparent lack of examples in C++. C# has more, but neither as has many examples as VB.


But you've made me think that maybe C# would be a better choice for this project than C++.


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Re: Programming Inventor: VBA C# or C++?

03-03-2013 09:27 PM in reply to: oransen

Hey I am currently working on a programme taking advantage of Inventor API with VC++.


That is a standalone application which will take a sketch (or a working plane) as input, mesh the area with Bubble packing and dig wholes on the plane.


This is a big project and I am on the start. But as you might see, there are few material on C++ with Inventor API. If you decide to implement your project with C++, pls contact me. It is always a good thing to have some one working together.



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Re: Programming Inventor: VBA C# or C++?

03-03-2013 09:55 PM in reply to: MegaJerk

"I do not know what ObjectARX" is the C++ API for AutoCAD. It was well designed and I wrote a few apps with it.


Thanks for the good wishes on my journey, it feels like I'll need them!


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Re: Programming Inventor: VBA C# or C++?

03-03-2013 09:58 PM in reply to: DifanH

"It is always a good thing to have some one working together."


Will do. The project is at an early stage and may not take some time to get. In the meantime I suppose I could write another book like my "AutoCAD programming in C/C++"


Why do you think there is so little data on C++ programming Inventor?



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Re: Programming Inventor: VBA C# or C++?

09-30-2013 06:00 AM in reply to: oransen

My perspective - C++ was one of the first languages I seriously learned and I still love it. I have for some applications made the transition from C++ to C# and even VB.NET. However, I still miss the full power of C++. In C++ you have incredible control over the creation and even the layout of your objects as you already know. You can create an object on the stack, on the heap, or even in a particular place in memory.


With C# however you give up that level of control. When you choose the type of your object, the choice of where the object will be is implicit. Simple types are always created on the stack and classes are always created on the heap. You can't control where on the heap an object is created, you can't get its address, and you can't pin it down in a specific memory location. You no longer control the lifetime of your object as C# has no destructor. It's all up to the garbage collector and finalization is non-deterministic. In C# everything ultimately derives from Object.


Having said that C# was an easy transition and it has a portion of C++ power with the simplicity of VB. For Inventor applications I’d suggest VB.NET for those more familiar with VB, but if you have a C++ soul in you – shoot for C#.

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Re: Programming Inventor: VBA C# or C++?

10-01-2013 03:35 AM in reply to: jdkriek

All you say about C# is true, but I don't find them as objections but as good simplifications.


C++ is a better choice maybe for applications you want to sell.



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