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Custom Table coming out with garbled text ??

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09-20-2012 08:30 AM

I am using to generate a custom table in my .idw files to make a plot stamp.  The table is showing up, however, the text is garbled.  When you open the .idw, the table properties show the text correctly but the display is coming out messed up.  I have attached a picture of what each looks like.  I moved the table off the sheet for clarity.


The code:


Public Sub PlotStamp()

        Dim oDrawDoc As DrawingDocument
        oDrawDoc = _invApp.ActiveDocument
        Dim oInvSheet As Sheet
        oInvSheet = oDrawDoc.ActiveSheet

        Dim oTitles_Plot(0) As String
        oTitles_Plot(0) = CurrentFilename

        Dim position_Plot As Point2d = _invApp.TransientGeometry.CreatePoint2d((oInvSheet.Border.RangeBox.MinPoint.X), (oInvSheet.Border.RangeBox.MinPoint.Y - 0.125))

        Dim oCustomTable_Plot As CustomTable
        oCustomTable_Plot = oInvSheet.CustomTables.Add(" ", position_Plot, 1, 1, oTitles_Plot)

        oCustomTable_Plot.ShowTitle = False
        oCustomTable_Plot.Columns.Item(1).TitleHorizontalJustification = HorizontalTextAlignmentEnum.kAlignTextLeft
        oCustomTable_Plot.Columns.Item(1).ValueHorizontalJustification = HorizontalTextAlignmentEnum.kAlignTextLeft
        Dim oFormat_Plot As TableFormat
        oFormat_Plot = oInvSheet.CustomTables.CreateTableFormat
        oFormat_Plot.OutsideLineColor = _invApp.TransientObjects.CreateColor(255, 255, 255)
        oFormat_Plot.InsideLineColor = _invApp.TransientObjects.CreateColor(255, 255, 255)
        oCustomTable_Plot.OverrideFormat = oFormat_Plot

    End Sub

 Where CurrentFilename is:


CurrentFilename = (CurrentDirectory & "\Submittal_Sheet_" & drawing_count & ".pdf")


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Re: Custom Table coming out with garbled text ??

09-25-2012 04:01 AM in reply to: nickv02

I can reproduce this problem in Inventor 2013.
You are right – strings with combinations of backslash “\” with some characters (e.g., \T, \S, etc.) are displayed with defects in custom table and column titles.  Sorry.
As a temporary workaround you may consider the following convertor for this kind of strings in column titles:

Function TransformTitle(ByVal St As String) As String
  Dim ChArray() As Char = { _
        "A"c, "B"c, "C"c, "F"c, "G"c, "H"c, _
        "I"c, "L"c, "O"c, "S"c, "T"c, "W"c, _
        "X"c, "Y"c, "b"c, "c"c, "f"c, "i"c, _
        "l"c, "o"c, "q"c, "x"c, "y"c}
  For Each Ch As Char In ChArray
    St = St.Replace("\" & Ch, "\\" & Ch)
  Return St
End Function

Changes in your code:

Dim oTitles_Plot(0) As String
oTitles_Plot(0) = TransformTitle(CurrentFilename) 


Thank you very much for this case.

Vladimir Ananyev
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Re: Custom Table coming out with garbled text ??

09-25-2012 05:40 AM in reply to: Vladimir.Ananyev

That fixed the garbled text.  Thank you for the solution !

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