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Change Mass Of Virtual Part

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06-16-2011 11:13 PM

I have a virtual part inside an assembly, I can change all of the normal properties but can't manage to work out how to get the mass to change. I can see the mass and volume properties but they dont seem to update etc. my code is as below.


Option Explicit

Sub Main()

Dim oADoc As AssemblyDocument
Dim oCompOcc As ComponentOccurrence
Dim oVCompDef As VirtualComponentDefinition
Dim oMassStr As String
Dim oPropPartNo As Property
Dim oPropDesc As Property
Dim oPropMass As Property

Set oADoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
oMassStr = oADoc.ComponentDefinition.MassProperties.Mass

Debug.Print (oMassStr)
If oMassStr > 4000 Then
Debug.Print ("True")
Debug.Print ("False")
End If

For Each oCompOcc In oADoc.ComponentDefinition.Occurrences
If oCompOcc.Definition.Type = "100675072" Then ' Check to see if Virtual Part (Don't want to use enumerator)
Set oVCompDef = oCompOcc.Definition
Set oPropPartNo = oVCompDef.PropertySets.Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Part Number")
Set oPropDesc = oVCompDef.PropertySets.Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Description")
Set oPropMass = oVCompDef.PropertySets.Item("Design Tracking Properties").Item("Mass")
oPropPartNo.Value = "1234"
oPropDesc.Value = "4567"
oPropMass.Value = 8000
End If
End Sub


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Change Mass Of Virtual Part

06-17-2011 12:19 AM in reply to: matt_jlt

Hope this can help us, just need to change it a little for suitability with your need.



Public Sub GetPartMassProps()
    ' Set a reference to the part document.
    ' This assumes a part document is active.
    Dim oPartDoc As PartDocument
    Set oPartDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

    ' Set a reference to the mass properties object.
    Dim oMassProps As MassProperties
    Set oMassProps = oPartDoc.ComponentDefinition.MassProperties

    ' Set the accuracy to medium.
    oMassProps.Accuracy = k_Medium


    ' Set a reference to the mass properties object.
    Dim oMass As Double
    oMass = oMassProps.Mass




End Sub

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Re: Change Mass Of Virtual Part

06-19-2011 05:00 PM in reply to: nttoan8187

Thanks, you code helped. When i looked at it I realised i had gone too far into the part where I was looking for the mass properties (I was looking inside the virtual part's definition). I found the mass properties in the component occurence (from the assembly it is inside) and used your code slightly tweaked to be:


Dim oCompOcc As ComponentOccurrence

Dim oMassProps As MassProperties
Dim oMass As Double


Set oMassProps = oCompOcc.MassProperties


oMass = 458 ' New Mass Number I want to override with
oMassProps.Mass = oMass


Thanks again, Matt.



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