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Attaching balloon

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02-15-2012 01:20 AM

I'm writing a program which attached a balloon to an existing balloon, such as the inventor command  "Attach balloon"

i'm almost there: User selects an existing balloon and a component and gives a direction to draw the balloon and then the balloon is created fine.

The only problem is that i can't connect my balloon to the base balloon. So when i move the base balloon the attached balloon doesn't move with it.


Does anybody know how to do this?




Code: (is part of a larger Auto ballooning program)


PrivateSub CreateAttachBalloon(ByVal oBalloon As Inventor.Balloon)       


     Dim oDrawDoc As Inventor.DrawingDocument

     oDrawDoc = m_inventorApplication.ActiveDocument


     Dim oActiveSheet As Inventor.Sheet

     oActiveSheet = oDrawDoc.ActiveSheet


    Dim oDrawingCurveSegment As Inventor.DrawingCurveSegment           

    Dim oSelect AsNew clsSelect

    oDrawingCurveSegment = oSelect.Pick(Inventor.SelectionFilterEnum.kDrawingCurveSegmentFilter,

                 "Select curve in highlighted component!", Inventor.SelectionFilterEnum.kDrawingCurveSegmentFilter)


     Dim oDrawingCurve As Inventor.DrawingCurve

     oDrawingCurve = oDrawingCurveSegment.Parent


     Dim oTG As Inventor.TransientGeometry

     oTG = m_inventorApplication.TransientGeometry


     Dim oLeaderPoints As Inventor.ObjectCollection

     oLeaderPoints = m_inventorApplication.TransientObjects.CreateObjectCollection


     Dim dBalloonDiameter AsDouble

     dBalloonDiameter = oBalloon.Style.BalloonDiameter


     'user must give direction where to create the balloon           

     Dim Direction AsInteger

     Dim oMouseEvent AsNew MouseEvents(oBalloon)


     DoWhile oMouseEvent.isDone = False


                Direction = oMouseEvent.Direction



     ' Create balloon center point.

       Select Case Direction               

           Case 0

                   Call oLeaderPoints.Add(oTG.CreatePoint2d(oBalloon.Position.X + dBalloonDiameter,

                                   oBalloon.Position.Y - dBalloonDiameter / 2))

            Case 90

                   Call oLeaderPoints.Add(oTG.CreatePoint2d(oBalloon.Position.X, oBalloon.Position.Y +

                                  dBalloonDiameter / 2))

            Case 180

                   Call oLeaderPoints.Add(oTG.CreatePoint2d(oBalloon.Position.X - dBalloonDiameter,

                                  oBalloon.Position.Y - dBalloonDiameter / 2))

            Case 270

                   Call oLeaderPoints.Add(oTG.CreatePoint2d(oBalloon.Position.X, oBalloon.Position.Y -

                                  dBalloonDiameter * 1.5))

      End Select


      'Add the GeometryIntent to the leader points collection.

      'This is the geometry that the balloon will attach to.

      Dim oGeometryIntent As Inventor.GeometryIntent

      oGeometryIntent = oActiveSheet.CreateGeometryIntent(oDrawingCurve)


       Call oLeaderPoints.Add(oGeometryIntent)


       Dim oAttachBalloon As Inventor.Balloon

       oAttachBalloon = oDrawDoc.ActiveSheet.Balloons.Add(oLeaderPoints)


       'delete all leadernodes

       Dim oLeaderNode As Inventor.LeaderNode

       For Each oLeaderNode In oAttachBalloon.Leader.AllNodes




       'TODO: Attach balloon to base balloon

      Catch ex As Exception


     End Try   

End Sub

Posts: 215
Registered: ‎01-16-2006
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Re: Attaching balloon

02-15-2012 02:27 AM in reply to: GVDB

I already found it!



       Dim oAttachBalloon As Inventor.Balloon

       oAttachBalloon = oDrawDoc.ActiveSheet.Balloons.Add(oLeaderPoints)


Dim oBalloonValueSets As Inventor.BalloonValueSets = oBalloon.BalloonValueSets

Dim oBalloonValueSet As Inventor.BalloonValueSet = oBalloonValueSets.Add(oComponentOccurrence)


This will attach balloon!

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