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redundant server config - one server down but not failing over

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04-19-2014 01:34 AM

Our master server died last week and Revit 2014 is not getting licences from either of the other two servers. I created the FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS system variable and set it to 3. 



Two things puzzle me. It is picking up the IP address for the Hostname, rather than the hostname in the licence file, and it also seems to be looking for a feature that isn't in the licence file! We have the BDS, not individual products. Our licence file looks like this:

SERVER endell-dc2 000f203310d0 27005
SERVER srv-uk-vm01 00155d01d309 27005
SERVER srv-uk-prtsrv01 00215aa7515e 27005
VENDOR adskflex port=2080
PACKAGE 85787BDSPRM_F adskflex 1.000 COMPONENTS="86071BDSPRM_2014_0F \
85946BDSPRM_2013_0F 85787BDSPRM_2012_0F 85837NAVSIM_2012_0F \
85536ACD_2011_0F 85652BDSPRM_2011_0F 85503MAXDES_2011_0F \
85561ARCHDESK_2011_0F 85595STRDET_2011_0F 85562BLDSYS_2011_0F \
85607SHOWCASE_2011_0F 85615ALSK_2011_0F 85543REVITST_2011_0F \
85541RVTMPB_2011_0F 85614RVTMPJ_2011_0F 85601NAVSIM_2011_0F \
ISSUED=03-May-2013 SIGN="11C0 D294 3F0E 1D48 D043 C3C5 B693 \
2BCA CEDE C28A D003 E0A8 41FA 8B80 2714 06F9 7901 5FEF 3AE0 \
876C 58D1 5F56 8BBF ACD7 61C2 B883 BA1B 4CCA BEE6 28A7" \
SIGN2="146F 1836 DA0F C4C7 12F7 927B AB4E 0D04 6A02 DA3F 0EF7 \
E84B D7CF 83F4 C4C1 13FD 9BDB A666 6DBB 40CB F729 D940 54B5 \
BA3E 8179 1795 D4C9 D21B EB6F 1BA0"
INCREMENT 85787BDSPRM_F adskflex 1.000 permanent 3 \
VENDOR_STRING=commercial:smileytongue:ermanent SUPERSEDE DUP_GROUP=UH \
SN=377-88534578 SIGN="0B58 845F D993 B462 316E A304 FEDC C519 \
EA32 43F4 0CE3 AF29 0226 34A2 E97B 121D E1E7 8AC1 3D49 0A86 \
E3F4 BD7D A165 FC50 5688 B364 52D9 5622 EDE0 EF4F" SIGN2="159C \
2208 E286 2124 822C D1D3 A89A 2F6C 8B5C C841 FC17 1C78 E137 \
0240 54AD 03CF D04A BD8E 1D66 030F 4AF7 6571 D39C 5CD9 E06D \
EF72 94CE A181 C21B D42F"
INCREMENT 85787BDSPRM_F adskflex 1.000 permanent 6 \
VENDOR_STRING=commercial:smileytongue:ermanent SUPERSEDE DUP_GROUP=UH \
SN=377-88534578 SIGN="0846 9FD1 4F03 0F8C 23AC BEF0 E36A 3299 \
9281 4C10 44EF 7FD9 852E 1AF0 1BC5 0FE2 6305 2D37 8B67 A93D \
56EC 3913 2D3A 95D3 12D7 8B75 6910 69EC DE98 AFC3" SIGN2="13CC \
83D8 6979 1FB1 94EE 233E CEE9 9F37 F051 4EB2 7C81 6E7B CE4C \
02FB 19DE 10E3 F393 2DC1 5E70 48C2 B242 6D6F 247C EE54 420D \
F80A 3D0B A36F E437 26E9"


IPv6 is disabled on the servers. We are running 11.11 x64 on both servers, although the dead master server was running 32-bit.


If anyone has any suggestions i'd really appreciate it!

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Re: redundant server config - one server down but not failing over

04-21-2014 10:26 AM in reply to: allers1961

Ditch the redundant setup.  It is a nightmare and does not work in the way that you think it does.  It doesn't really offer much failover redundancy.  Only a redundacy of the amount of work it takes to keep it properly running.  Your best bet is to run a single server or a distributed server.  My recommendation?  Generate a new license file for one server and have all of your users point to it.  You will be up and running within minutes. 

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Re: redundant server config - one server down but not failing over

04-22-2014 03:43 AM in reply to: TravisNave

Thanks for the reply - in fact it turned out to be a schoolboy error on my part. Beecause we had never tested failover before I hadn't checked the server configs closely enough. It turned out that one of the servers still had Windows Firewall turned on and it was blocking FlexLM traffic! I turned it off (we use a firewall appliance) and hey presto, licences served from failover server!

I take your point though about the flakiness of the redundant server config - in the exchange of emails I had with Autodesk support reading between the lines they don't like it either!

Thanks again for your help.

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