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can't install Content Center

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10-01-2012 11:23 AM

I succesfully instaled Inventor 2013 and all of it's components but was unable to install content center.


here is log file

2012/10/1:19:55:57	Martin	MARTIN-PC	=== Setup started on MARTIN-PC by Martin ===
2012/10/1:19:55:57	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Launch 
2012/10/1:19:55:58	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Download	Skipped	SETUP_CONFIG{8B3F5ADF-6218-42E0-80BF-AB05E0A0DB1D}...
2012/10/1:19:55:59	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	LaunchDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:02	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_8 SetupMode:7 InstallState:1 InstallAction:0 Message: 
2012/10/1:19:56:02	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	LicenseDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:05	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	ProductSelectionDialog2		
2012/10/1:19:56:16	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	LicenseDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:18	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	LaunchDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:23	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_13 SetupMode:1 InstallState:2 InstallAction:0 Message: 
2012/10/1:19:56:23	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_14 SetupMode:1 InstallState:2 InstallAction:7 Message: 
2012/10/1:19:56:23	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	LicenseDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:26	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	ProductInfoDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:26	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	ProductSelectionDialog2		
2012/10/1:19:56:41	Martin	MARTIN-PC	PageOpen	FullProgressDialog		
2012/10/1:19:56:42	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Download	Skipped	DCLIBRARY{8B3F5ADF-6218-42E0-80BF-AB05E0A0DB1D}...
2012/10/1:19:56:42	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Installing Autodesk® Inventor® Content Libraries: C:\Autodesk\WI\Autodesk Inventor 2013\Content\DClibrary\DCLSetup.exe INSTALLDIR="C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\" DC_ANSI=1 DC_DIN=1 DC_GOST=1 DC_ISO=1 DC_JISGB=1 DC_FEATURE=1 DC_OTHER=1 DC_PARKER=1 DC_RS=1 DC_SHEETM=1 DC_MOLD_MM=1
2012/10/1:19:56:55	Martin	MARTIN-PC	Install	Autodesk® Inventor® Content Libraries	Failed	Failure is ignored, Result=1603

 I tried turning off the UAC and my antivirus. I tried running DCLSetup.exe directly. I tried to copy *.idz files to C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\Content Center\Libraries but that didn't work either. I watched that folder while running normal instalation and for a second there was one *.idcl.tmp file, but disapperd immediately. I'm really desperate.


P.S. Windows show ContentCenterLibraries instaled (1,32MB). I tried to uninstal it, but still can't install CCL

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Re: can't install Content Center

10-01-2012 09:43 PM in reply to: kominik

The 1603 error is a general Windows error-code that implies failed installation. It could be due to a host of possible reasons but typically, it is due to account / folder permissions issue or long folder pathname.

Please check on the following:
- If you are running Network install, please try to turn off silent installations and observe where the installer fails. This may give an indication of which resource the permissions are lacking in.
- Please ensure that you have full permissions to your machine and to the location where the deployment exists while you are installing from the deployment.
- Please ensure anti-virus software and firewalls are disabled (to ascertain if these hinder the installation).
- Please ensure that the installing user has Local Administrative group membership and that no restrictions are imposed to required users account. Note that Local Administrative privileges are required for installation.
- Do not relocate the My Documents folder off of the Local System and do not use Roaming Profiles.
- Ensure simple and short pathname used on source and target machine.

Aaron Hai
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Re: can't install Content Center

10-02-2012 09:22 AM in reply to: kominik

Nothing worked.


But used Instal Now manager on my friends pc and instalation went smooth except the content center which wasn't installed. I changed properties for DLCSetup.exe (full acces and WinVista Compatibility) and right-clicked DLCLibrary64.msi and clicked "repair". Then run the manager again and succesfully installed content center.


These steps unfortunately didn't worked for my pc, so tried to copy .idcl files to C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\Content Center\Libraries

When i open new assembly.iam i don't have "insert from content center" option anymore and don't have "component generator". And i'm sure it was there before. I saw Content center empty, now there is no content center.


I tried to use Install now manager again, but it still can't instal content center...


I will try to re-install the whole thing and see if it works...

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Re: can't install Content Center

10-02-2012 11:15 AM in reply to: kominik

Ok, so i re-installed all Autodesk products (couldn't instal Content Center). Restarted pc. Started Inventor and everything worked fine (CC was empty, but was there). So i copied .idcl files into C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\Content Center\Libraries while inventor was still running. Suddenly CC was full. I checked it by placing some items into assembly, saved, closed inventor, and started inventor again; and CC was still working and was full.


So things are working for me now, finally :smileyhappy:


BTW Install Now manager still shows me CC is not installed, but i don't care as long it works...

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