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Questions about 3D Studio Max and Maya 2014!

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01-15-2014 01:05 PM


I wonder what it 's for cheap licenses for individuals ( Maya or 3D Studio Max ) who can not program, but who want to learn through self-study using video-tutorials?

I read that there are 36 month student-licenses, but the problem is that I do not go to any school and my knowledge is simultaneously too low to use these commercially and monetize it .

There's yearly subscriptions to 1950 Euro / year but what is cheapest ? 1950 Euro per year or to pay 3900 Euro for a full license incl. update subscription at 764 Euro per year!

What is the difference between 3D Studio Max and Maya? What can be done in one application which you can not do in the other program, or you can do exactly the same things in both programs ?

How reliable are these retailers actually? ( I will not buy from there because I suspect there is something illegal going on , given the extremely low price !)


( Maya 2014 for $ 199.95 )


( Maya 2014 for $ 199.95 )

// From at1981 in Sweden! :smileyhappy:.

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Re: Questions about 3D Studio Max and Maya 2014!

01-15-2014 02:41 PM in reply to: at1981

Hello Alexander and welcome to the Autodesk Community!


We appreciate your inquiry on our products and licenses. First, please do not purchase any software from unauthorized resellers. A good rule we like to share with our customers would be that if that price appears to be too good to be true, it probably isn't. If you do decide to make a purchase, please contact an Autodesk authorized reseller in your area.


And although you're not a student, you still may want to try to create an Education Community account just in case. :smileyhappy:


Here is the comparison chart so that you can see the features differences between 3ds Max and Maya as they are different programs.


I hope this information has helped you. If you have any other questions please let us know.


Thank you!

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Re: Questions about 3D Studio Max and Maya 2014!

01-15-2014 02:42 PM in reply to: at1981

For product comparisons by users, try posting over in the AREA:

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Re: Questions about 3D Studio Max and Maya 2014!

01-16-2014 12:05 AM in reply to: at1981

Hello again!

A problem with the Swedish retailer such as " " is that prices are considerably higher in Sweden than if you could buy through your website!

Swedish retailer has also not the option that you can hire your software , but only to buying a complete software for large sums of money + subscription. Even subscription has higher price in Sweden than if purchased through your website.

In Sweden, the cost Maya 2014 NML 80 570 SEK incl. 3 year subscription. This corresponds to about 8 622.55 Euro .

If you buy Maya via your site with 3 years subscription so will be your price 6 779.25 Euro! This represents approximately 63 345.99 SEK .

What is the difference between Maya 2014 NML and Maya 2014 SML ? These terms available on the Swedish side , I can not retrieve on your products on your own website. NML is obviously much more expensive than SML !

What you sell through your website, it's NML and SML ?

What I would like to do is as I said to purchase an affordable license through your own website and download the software, among other things because of your prices lower than what is found in Sweden .

Then I hope there are some ideas on how I should do to test your free 36 -month student license, even though I am a student at any school , but want to learn the program independently ! When I tried to register on student license so it was not that I did not specify the name of any school . Meanwhile , I read that you may use student license if you intend not to use the license in commercially purpose.

Would I be able to with a student license really learn your programs so would kag able to buy them provided I have sufficient knowledge of three years so that I hopefully have an opportunity to make money that I make in your software.



// From at1981 in Sweden! :smileyvery-happy:

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Two interesting software-suits to low price!

01-16-2014 02:50 AM in reply to: at1981
 Hello again!

Here I found two great products at a great student price that would be perfect for me to really put myself into these programs and try to learn them as good as possible! :smileyhappy:.


How can you buy software through your website for the student price even though you are not a student? (I will not take this into something commercially)
From at1981 in Sweden! :smileyhappy:
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Re: Two interesting software-suits to low price!

01-16-2014 06:50 AM in reply to: at1981

if you plan to use the software in sweden you need to buy it in sweden

no way around it per the autodesk license agreement

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