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Help running ADT3.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system?

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09-15-2011 06:29 PM



I need help running ADT3.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system.


When I first got my new computer (with the Windows 7 64-bit OS) I was told I could run 32-bit programs on what is called WOW64 (Windows 32-bit On Windows 64-bit). But I keep getting error messages.


I have tried the Troubleshoot Compatibility shortcut menu option prior to the ADT install. And when already installed, I have used the same option to attempt to run as if in Windows XP mode. Still get error messages.


I tried reloading ADT3.3 again, and also un-installing and re-installing the C-Dilla license (suggested on the Autodesk Forum).

However, I am still getting the following error messages ...


First error message (Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3.3 Alert):

"A license error has occurred. Please restart your system to initialize the license management system. If this problem continues, contact your system administrator or authorized dealer."


After clicking OK I get the second error message (AutoCAD error aborting):

"FATAL ERROR: The security system (softlock license manager) is not functioning or is improperly installed."


Clicking OK aborts the AutoCAD startup.


It seems like the problem has more to do with the "software lock" or "security" system being compatible (OS? 64-bit?) than anything else. Can anyone help me get ADT3.3 up and running? I would be extremely grateful for any ides. Thanks. :smileyhappy:





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Re: Help running ADT3.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system?

09-16-2011 08:21 AM in reply to: Gregdude007

This is going to be a tough one to resolve.  I would not install this older program on Windows XP.  It might be easier to get it running on  Windows 7 in Windows XP in virtual mode.


Then you can use your XP workflows and Autodesk Technical Solutions that apply.   Only certain products are supported under Windows 7.

David Lau
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Re: Help running ADT3.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system?

09-16-2011 08:28 AM in reply to: david.lau

good luck

you will probably run into issues trying to do this

you might not even get it to work correctly

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Re: Help running ADT3.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system?

09-22-2011 06:13 PM in reply to: david.lau

Hi David


Thanks heaps for your suggestion. I followed your instructions and ADT3.3 is now working. It seems to operate fine (so far) in Windows Virtual PC - Windows XP Mode. For the benefit of anyone else who has the same problem, this is what I did ...


(1) Installed Windows Virtual PC with Windows XP Mode


(2) In Windows XP Mode I then installed AutoCAD ADT3.3.

I tried to open AutoCAD but got the same error messages.


(3) Then I downloaded the License Manager Update. Links below may be useful:

License Manager RTS Update - Download

License Manager RTS Update  - Installation


(4) Then I uninstalled the C-Dilla License Manager. This link may be useful:

Uninstalling and re-installing the C-Dilla license


(5) Then I restarted my computer.

(6) From Windows XP Mode I installed the downloaded License Manager RTS update (see (3) above).

(7) Restarted my computer again.

(8) From Windows XP Mode I opened AutoCAD ...

Surprise surprise ... I received the "Register your Autodesk Product".

(9) From there it is simply a matter of registering your product and requesting an Authorisation Code etc.

(10) Result ... AutoCAD works!!


One point to remember is that, since the operating enviroment for the new installation of AutoCAD is a "Virtual PC", that does mean that you have to transfer all the files you may need to use with AutoCAD (like you would setting it up on a new computer). This is a bit of a pain, but hey, it works - which is awesome! :smileyhappy:


Thanks again David, your efforts are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work! :smileyhappy:


Kind regards




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Re: Help running ADT3.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 64-bit operating system?

10-20-2011 06:42 PM in reply to: Gregdude007

Closest scenario I've found on line to my delimma.


Now I need some help with this same problem..... but throw a 64 bit Mac into the equation using parallels to run windows on a virtual machine along with running windows 7 virtual xp...... sounds COMPLICATED!


Can it be done? How much of a pain is this going to be?


Really only need ADT3.3 for 2d graphics.... so don't really need to update to new AutoCAD, BUT, I'm considering purchasing Revit.... so obviously could use the 64 bit for 3D work.


I guess I could just install both the 32 & 64 bit version of Windows 7 (both cd's are included correct?) and boot to 32 bits for ADT3.3 and then whenever I want to use revit boot to 64 bit.... but I'm not sure.


Frankly new to the whole idea of a virtual machines and dual booting etc (the same basically correct?)


Can anyone give me some guidance? How would you approach this short of purchasing a new seat of AutoCAD?

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