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Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

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02-23-2011 04:29 PM

Cannot get AutoCad 2001 to install. The install program gets to the English language pack and this error message pops up
"Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP". I have scoured all possible fixes off the internet I can find and tried them all. This almost-same error message pops up in numerous software programs and the popular problem is with the user profiles and registry. However there is no experience with this error message coming up with the word SETUP at the end. The  program was up an running for a while, crashed, and then I have uninstalled, deleted, and reinstalled Autodesk files at least 10 times with the same error message.

Any help? Thank you


Robert Moats

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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

02-24-2011 05:36 AM in reply to: captn11


It also appears you've copied your installtion CD/DVD to your server?

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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

02-24-2011 05:18 PM in reply to: pendean

I am not using a CD/DVD and do not have a server. I downloaded the ACad 2011 installation file via my browers per the instructions. You run the installation file and designate where you want ACad to live. The process runs smoothly until you get to the last part where it tries to load the English language pack. It gets about halfway thru the language pack process and the last notice flashed is "Checking for File Space" and then the "Error 1606 - could not access nework location Setup". Error 1606 is typically associated with something wrong in the registry and all the availalbe information on the web is based on some words or phrases missing or out of whack in the registry, such as %AllUsers%, but in all reported cases the Error 1606 is not associated with some known registry name/phrase. Posting this problem on several message boards, the report is that there is no instance where the word SETUP appears in this error message. And there is not an instance of the use of the word SETUP in the registry or user profiles. As stated previously, all runs fine until you get to the language pack; if I could load this without a language pack I might be successful. Or maybe use the French or Spanish lanugage pack, however that would require some major retooling upstairs.

Thank you for your response

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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

03-09-2011 08:55 AM in reply to: captn11


i have the same problem installin Autocad MAP 2011 x64 on Win7 PC via GPO (group policy).

The problem seems the Language Pack (italian) that would not install  via GPO on pc desktop. Autocad MAP , when launching, says "adui18res.dll not found" and looking event viewer i find Error 1606.

CAn someone help me and other users with same problem?



Town hall CUNEO


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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

03-09-2011 01:42 PM in reply to: sedcuneo

Well, I have not had any solutions come forth as to my problem about the problem in the language pack, mine being English. I also had a series of the same error messages that you state ("adui18res.dll not found"). As i recall that file is found in the x86 subdirectory. I found the file in the x86 subdirectory and copied it to the main Autocad directory. That seemed to work to clear that error message but it only lead to another error message with another .dll. So I kept at it and it seemed to clear that particular error. However, the end result is it never installed anyway. So I have no solution, but you are not alone in that same problem; and I have not found a solution.

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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

03-18-2011 02:13 PM in reply to: captn11

I am having this issue as well and have tried many suggestions with no resolution.  We had the software working on this computer.  I was setting the computer up for a new user and when I tried to run autocad plant3d, it attempted to install rather than open.  Install failed with the 1606 error.  Uninstall failed with the 1606 error.  Computer details and steps tried listed below:


Computer:  WinXP Pro

Software:  Plant3d 2011

Issue:  "Could not access network location SETUP"  Log file indicates install fails at language pack (english)

Note:  I have NOT seen the adui18res error.


Steps tried:

1)  Tested all paths listed in the current user\software\microsoft\current version\windows\explorer\shell folders registry key.  No problems detected

2)  tried uninstall/reinstall but that fails too.

3)  Tried MS Fixit Button suggested elsewhere for the reg key  listed in Step 1)

4)  Verified user has local admin rights and attempted to install as local administrator.

5)  Tried install with both CD/DVD and with the network administrative deployment I created.  (deployment created after error began)

6) Tried following link to article posted by "pendean".  The link seems broken.


Possibly more, but it I don't have the ability to sit in front of this computer for hours to try everything until the problem is gone, so I may have forgotten some steps.


Since it is suggested that this related to default user file paths, I suspected that this could be related to the "my documents" folder redirect (UNC location)  we are using on our domain.  Perhaps some code in the install cannot tolerate UNC paths?  However, this is why I tried installing from a local admin account, which does not have this issue.


Has anyone seen a resolution to this particular 1606 error?  I  have not seen anyone saying they fixed the "can't find network location SETUP" error.  It has been a while since I supported IT, please let me know if I have missed something simple.  Thanks,


Richard Kidder


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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

07-22-2011 08:10 AM in reply to: rkidder

Hi, I am having this exact error, I have looked through all the support docs and threads and nothing has worked. The installation is fine until it gets to the language pack at which point it fails with that exact error message. Has anyone who's experienced this been able to get it to work at all?



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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

02-12-2012 05:36 PM in reply to: captn11

Hi, wondering if anyone has solved this issue yet?  I am running Win7, and when I try to install ACAD 2011, it finds a version of the English language pack and stops the installation.  I do not have it installed, however I find an "update" which is listed in the installed updates section, which i cannot seem to uninstall.  Anyone else have this update installed on this thread?

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Re: Error 1606 - Could not access network location SETUP

02-12-2012 11:58 PM in reply to: brianj.wolf

Hello brianj,

last year , when i tryed to install ACAD 2011, i found only this solution: installing ACAD by hand each pc at time.

Installing it by GPO unattended was impossible. So it was  faster installing my 20 PC each one a time by hand.

Sorry for my bad english.

Good luck


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