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AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

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04-19-2011 03:51 PM

I have a two-fold question - hoping someone can help. I am planning to purchase AutoCAD LT 2012, just want to make sure I get the right thing for my situation.


I have two computers that I use for business (one of my clients requires a dedicated laptop for security reasons, otherwise it would be one). I would like to install AutoCAD LT on both of my computers, but I don't want to purchase two licenses.


I will be the only user at any given time.


Part 1. The help info online seems to say that I CAN install to two computers with a stand-alone licence. "For some Autodesk products, you can install a second copy of a stand-alone product for non-concurrent use by a single user."

- First, define "some" - does this statement apply to AutoCAD LT 2012?

- Does it apply to two separate computers?

- Do I simply enter the same licence number on both computers, or will it require the online licence transfer?


Regarding OLT, how does that work? You simply have to be connected to the internet, export your licence, shut down AutoCAD, then start-up with the other PC and import the licence? That easy? Is this feasible or does it cost anything if I expect to flip back and forth constantly?


Part 2. 64-bit vs. 32-bit. My second complication is one of my computers is Win7 64-bit, the other is Win7 32-bit. I'm playing right now with the trial versions. I originally downloaded 32-bit to the 32-bit machine. When I tried to run that install on the 64-bit, it said I had to download the 64-bit version. Where does that leave me with licencing? Can I use a 32-bit licence on 64-bit AutoCAD (or vice-versa)? Does OLT work in that situation? Does it affect anything else in my situation?


Thanks a lot for your input.

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

04-20-2011 05:48 AM in reply to: trenic

If you are the ONLY user of both machines, and both machines are NEVER used at the same time with AutoCAD, and you can TOTALLY control that scenario 100% of the time, you seem to fit the qualifications of the usage terms you read. Install the same way on both machines and authorize.


License Transfer can introduce a hiccup occasionally, but it is a viable second option if you cannot control both PC usage terms all the time as noted above.


Pick 32bit if you have a lot of legacy hardware and you plan to never buy much else that is new; or 64bit if you plan on keeping the PCs around for any length of time and buy other software during their existance. 32bit is dead for everything but light office work, web surfing, and word-processing tasks IMHO.

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

04-20-2011 08:12 AM in reply to: pendean

Yes, I am 100% in control of the machines (they are both mine, and I am an independent contractor), and I rarely would even have both machines on at the same time, much less running AutoCAD at the same time.


So, to be clear, it actually will successfully install on both machines? I've had it with Microsoft before that I installed on one machine, then actually could not install anywhere else because the licence had already been activated. I want to make sure this won't happen in this scenario.


Do you know if I can use the same licence for both a 64-bit and 32-bit version of AutoCAD? It looks like I will need to install different versions on my two laptops since they don't seem to like the AutoCAD that does not match their OS for some reason.

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

04-20-2011 01:21 PM in reply to: trenic

You should be able to authorize both installations with the same serial number.  It won't matter if it's 32 or 64 bit.  There is no difference between files created in 32 and 64 bit LT. 


If you have a system crash down the road and have to reinstall, you'll probably have to call and explain the situation so the serial number install count can get reset.  I've had that happen in the past.


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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

07-23-2012 01:24 AM in reply to: brian.cranston

I am in the same case. But I am trying to register AutoCAD 2011 LT in the second computer, I receive this error.



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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

07-23-2012 09:54 AM in reply to: Preditec

You need to use the correct Product Key located on your media.  This is most likely 057C1 or similar.  Also, please never post your serial number online.

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

11-14-2012 04:06 AM in reply to: trenic

Accept the solution

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2012 - I have two computers

11-14-2012 08:41 AM in reply to: RootArchitectureLtd

Yeah, I had already accepted pendean's solution to my original question. I also added an acceptance to brian.cranston.


As far as running on two computers, I have been able to do that no problem. One is 32-bit, the other is 64-bit and I am in control of both machines 100% of the time. I used the same serial number for both installation types and they both work just fine.


Thanks for your input!

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