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AutoCAD 2013 opens fine, but AutoCAD 2013 Electrical closes at "Please wait ..."

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12-18-2013 07:08 AM

Hi guys,


I've got 2 versions on the same box.

The regular ACAD 2013 opens fine without issue.

The ACAD Electrical 2013 doesn't get past the initial Window that states "Please wait while Windows configures AutoCAD Electrical 2013."

It simply closes the window with no message.


In the event viewer I see:

Product: AutoCAD Electrical 2013 -- Configuration failed.

Event ID 11729

There's no AntiVirus on this machine.


Anyone got an idea of what it's trying to access that is being blocked or if there's a rollup fix or something that can help?


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Re: AutoCAD 2013 opens fine, but AutoCAD 2013 Electrical closes at "Please

12-18-2013 08:31 AM in reply to: inverted_2000
Are you logged into Windows as a full admin? it would appear not based solely on the message you get when starting that AutoCAD Electrical option.
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Re: AutoCAD 2013 opens fine, but AutoCAD 2013 Electrical closes at "Please

12-18-2013 08:41 AM in reply to: pendean
The group I'm in is in the local admin group on the server. I also attempted with the local "Administrator" account. When using the local admin goes through the configuring wizard / language version configuration screens which are the same "Windows" windows...but then once they close the application never opens. This was all fine before GPOs were applied. But I can't work on the GPOs and of course the people that made them are not here. AAAArrrrrr :smileyhappy:
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Re: AutoCAD 2013 opens fine, but AutoCAD 2013 Electrical closes at "Please

12-18-2013 11:35 AM in reply to: inverted_2000
So I see here:

Restrictions on the Windows Installer Service

There are several ways of preventing users from accessing the Windows Installer Service (Msiexec), including placing restrictions in the Group Policy Object in Active Directory. The first time a user of a machine runs AutoCAD, the Windows Installer Service is required for the secondary installer to function. To correct this issue, you should remove this restriction from the user, reboot the machine, and then try to run AutoCAD again.

This sounds like what I'm seeing.
Does anyone know that GPO setting that restricts this?
Nothing is jumping out at me.
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Re: AutoCAD 2013 opens fine, but AutoCAD 2013 Electrical closes at "Please

12-18-2013 02:51 PM in reply to: inverted_2000

Just out of interest, have you tried removing AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD Electrical 2013 fully and then just install AutoCAD Electrical 2013.


I'm presuming you have tried the Repair/Reinstall options and activating the secondary installer via the Registry.


I suggest this because i had issues/ conflicts in 2013 regarding AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD ASD. I found out that they shouldnt be installed on the same machine, particularly if you uninstall one of them as it removes shared componenents thus making the others unusable.





Duncan Brannan

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Re: AutoCAD 2013 opens fine, but AutoCAD 2013 Electrical closes at "Please

12-18-2013 05:01 PM in reply to: DuncanBrannan82

They both open fine, at the same time, on the same server when there are no GPOs applied to them. This client has their H:\ "home drive" directed with a GP Preference and for some reason, AutoCAD still wants to write a bunch of stuff to the users' directory. Of course these guys have roaming profiles with redirected folders so leaning towards this whole initial writing to the user files like the link above stated is where I'm focusing.


So Duncan - what's "activating the secondary installer via the Registry?"

  I haven't uninstalled either version as after policy applies, repairs, mods, or uninstalls from appwiz.cpl fail.  If I run setup from the full DVD it states everything is already installed so it won't continue.

UserDataCache is present...and the HKCU keys are in place, and the article states if those are in place AutoCAD will still open...but it doesn't once policy is applied.
I've locked the vDisk so policy doesn't stick, and I have 2 servers booting from the same vDisk (Citrix Provisioning Server). The 2 servers are in different OUs.
The 1st one in the default Computer OU with nothing but the default domain policy.
The 2nd one in the Citrix OUs with the policies.

The 1st one runs both AutoCAD 2013 and the Electrical version at the same time without a single error.

The 2nd, with the same user account, but policy applied and redirected folders (H-Drive for home drive) it fails to open the Electrical version.

I'm going to have their AD guy look closer at it as it appears it's old and needs updating anyway. I just don't understand that this all is currently working on 2 older servers...and I can't figure it out. We're thinking something was rigged locally on the older servers to get this to work.

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