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maya composite 2012 render errors

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02-16-2012 08:17 PM
I try to run:
"C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Composite 2012/program/txrender.exe"
-p "C:/Users/katisss/Desktop/project/CompositeTest_v002.txcomposition" -plugins
_exclude "libDLwiretap.dlformat" -plugins "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Composite 2
012/plugins" -v CompositeTest_v002.txcomposition -c "C:/Users/katisss/Desktop/pr

and get:
00:00:00.19 Initializing media cache C:/Users
00:00:00.78 Memory option is set too low (422
MB). Will be increased to 512 MB.
00:00:00.79 Allocating 512 MB of memory for t
he frame buffer cache (maximum is 1259 MB).
00:00:03.36 Error while loading plugin: C:/Pr
ogram Files/Autodesk/Composite 2012/plugins/libDLwiretap.dlformat : Can't open d
ynamic library 'C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Composite 2012/plugins/libDLwiretap.dl
format': Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.
.. Plugin ignored.
00:00:03.39 Error while attempting to load pl
ugin 'C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Composite 2012/plugins/libDLwiretap.dlformat':
Can't open dynamic library 'C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Composite 2012/plugins/lib
DLwiretap.dlformat': Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.
Plugin ignored.
00:00:09.64 The following error occured while
rendering: Assertion 'PiProjectSettings::isInitialized()' failed.

When i try to run from composite (send to backburner) windows i get:
background task failed: Rendering ...
Return value 6.
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Re: maya composite 2012 render errors

02-19-2012 06:19 AM in reply to: katisss
hey katrin,

what are your specs on your computer? what is your os? -it seems, you are running the 32bit version of composite.
where is your mediacache located and have you set it to full read/write rights?

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