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Windows Vista and Fisheye Images

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04-19-2009 04:44 AM
Hey Folks,

Is there a problem with Stitcher on a Windows Vista OS that won't allow you to see the panorama in the viewing window when working with full frame fish eye images? The software is reading the EXIF data normally, but the view screen is blank and the small preview window is not visible either. It will indeed render and then appears when I open it up as a panorama. Also, I can't drag a single image thumbnail (which all are visible) into the viewing window. Nothing happens. I've tried setting the camera calibration and disengaging the "reading of the EXIF data," but to no avail.
The same Stitcher 5.7 software works perfectly on my desktop Windows XP OS.
I downloaded the trial 2009 version, but it's the same thing.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Jon Eady
Denver CO
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Re: Windows Vista and Fisheye Images

04-27-2009 07:37 AM in reply to: JonEady
What lens type are you setting? You should set it to Fisheye Circular.
Andrew Baddeley
360 Tactical VR
Immersive Imaging Solutions
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Jon Eady
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Re: Windows Vista and Fisheye Images

05-04-2009 01:57 PM in reply to: JonEady
I'm using a Nikkor 10.5 DX Full Frame fisheye.
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Re: Windows Vista and Fisheye Images

06-01-2009 03:18 PM in reply to: JonEady
I have a similar problem exporting cubic qtvr, in that, the .mov file is not viewable in quicktime - not sure if it a windows vista 64 bit issue? Let me know if that too is a problem?

thanks, rob
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