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Archive to LTO

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08-09-2012 10:11 AM
I have a very large project that i am archiving, like 8TB... I am archiving library by library which has been perfect until i reach 2 library's that are over 1.5TB. I am setting my archive file size to 499GB so that i can split the archive across two LTO 5 tapes. Is the safest way to put 2 archive files on 1 tape, and one on the other (for example), or to go ahead and let BRU PE split the archive in the LTO operation?

Also, when all my archiving is done, do i need to consider anything else before blowing my media away? I have archived my set ups, so i think i am covered, but do i need to delete all my media and then just do an archive of the project it self, or is that nonsense?

By the way, i am archiving to a SAN, and then using BRU PE to archive. Has anyone had any issues with that process? My sales people said it is safe, but i want to get the consensus from you all as we just implemented LTO.

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