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Parts library - reuse standard parts with private and shared parts

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by Mentor on ‎09-15-2013 07:49 AM

Am i really the first one to bringt this topic in the ideas section? Can't believe... maybe i just missed that?


I think there should be a possibility to save reusable parts in fusion with easy possibility to reuse this parts. This should be highly integrated into Fusion360 instead of just linking to an external service like Grabcad - at least if an external service is used the UI should be integrated.


Examples for such parts could be:


- extrusion profiles

- screws, bolts, nuts

- standard parts like stepper motors, belts, and so on


Parts should be exportable to the library from a component level (context menu -> export part) and easily importable into a drawing. When exporting the existing rights system from Fusion360 could be used and this way anyone could share his parts with the public, a closed workgroup or just keep them private or share with single people.


When importing it probably would be a good idea to choose if you would like to copy the part when importing or just import an instance of the part which changes when the part in the library changes (maybe advanced level, hm?).


Well that's just what came out of my head and i thought i'll write it down. I'm sure there's lots of kinks i don't see yet but hey, we can discuss it, can't we? ;-)

by *Expert Elite* on ‎09-15-2013 05:39 PM

Yes, I have kind of faked this so far, making my own library of reusable parts by just exporting individual components from drawings. But unless I'm missing something the structure of Fusion is very flat, and this will rapidly become unusable as the number of files will just get too big and I will forget what I called them. Searching through the thumbnails is very slow. An O-ring is at the same level as a complex drawing. I seem to recall some earlier discussion of using standard parts libraries, but often what I need is something I need to make myself, a sensor component used in multiple designs, for instance.  It would be nice to have a kind of personal library function similar to how Materials libraries work, to store, sort, and access custom parts.



by Mentor on ‎09-15-2013 10:52 PM

Good point ron - what i forgot on the initial post. It would be important that this not only be a file library but more kind of a database with description and tags to make it better searchable. Also if you share parts in your library with the public the description could help to make it clearer what's inside.

by Active Contributor vaclav.prchlik on ‎03-20-2014 01:39 AM

Please would a tightly integrated tool for Bolted Connection help here? At least with screws, bolts and nuts you are mentioning?


You can take a look at proposal here: Bolted Connection Proposal (http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/Fusion-360-IdeaStation-Request-a/Bolted-Connection-for-Fusion/idi-p/48...


Or is it that your own specific bolts, nuts and washers should be easily available?


Thanks for your help,




by *Expert Elite* on ‎03-28-2014 05:49 PM

While I like the Bolted Connection Proposal, nuts and bolts are pretty standard and easy to search, they seem like the least of the problems.  


I think what is needed here is a real work over and re-think of the Fusion file structure- one that makes it possible for the user to organize parts libraries in their own logical system. For instance, I have a library of many electronic parts I need to account for in designs, like board to board connectors, sockets, displays, piezo devices, batteries, display connectors, switches, sensor modules, and to infinity and beyond... for most of these I can get CAD files from the manufacturer, though some I need to create myself. I do need to track them by manufacturer's part number. With no way to organize these into folders or categories, it is rapidly becoming unmanageable. Paging through chronological thumbnails takes forever (could we have a list view, maybe?). And what if I don't remember what project these parts were used in? The search tool won't help as there is no way I could ever be specific enough in naming parts, and, trust me, I won't remember that what I need is a Mill-Max 0577-0-67-0121-27-10-0 (a socket for .015-.022" contact pins with organic fiber plugs on tape and reel with gold contacts and...- you get the idea). If I don't have that reference, I'm likely designing around the wrong object. While packaging doesn't necessarily alter the dimensions of the part, it does alter how things get assembled, which I need to account for.  These alter, for instance, how closely I can place two circuit boards, which directly drives the Fusion design.


In addition, I want to track some standard components, like O-rings or screws.  That's a much easier task for the search function. I would also like to have a library of modules I have put together that I could use in other designs or as references. All of this could be made a lot easier with the ability for a user to create folders or categories in their parts library. 


I know this only has six kudos and has gotten somewhat buried, but it's a big deal issue if you are trying to do anything complex and need to try to fit a lot of components.

by Contributor AbdnAllHope on ‎05-11-2014 03:18 PM

I don't see why the fusion / dashboard file system can't be a little more "traditional" without sacrificing the collaboration advancements.  I actually find the inability to delete a project kind of discourages me from starting new projects.  I end up adding a folder to an existing project instead.  I just wish I could organize projects by customer or product line or prioritize them in some other way that makes sense to me.  Activate and Deactivate is just not enough control to keep track of the hundreds of projects that will accumulate over time.


In response to the discussion above, I ended up making a project called HARDWARE.  Full of folders containing the obvious stuff.  Screws, O-Rings, common PCB's like Arduino, and Raspberry pi, etc.  So far that's worked out OK, but it does seem silly to have to elevate something like screws to PROJECT status.


I think the use of the word "flat" was a very fare and accurate description.  I suppose that I would be happy with something "higher up" than a project.  Maybe the ability to put related projects into a single folder for organization would be enough for my own purposes.






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