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dwf file does not show & question about copying

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01-09-2009 09:38 AM
A couple of questions:

1. I have uploaded a 3d file that was made in Inventor and published to dwf with a link as follows:

The freewheel browser opens but the data do not appear on the two computers I have tried ? does it have something to do with the file being too large ?

I doubt that the file is corrupt because when I enter the address directly in internet explorer Autodesk Design Review opens the file perfectly. What have I done wrong ?

2. Do you recommend to have more files gathered (like the dwf file stated above) or should they be split up to increase speed for the end user ?

3. What can be done to prevent other manufacturers of the items from copying some data from me ? I have turned off drillings and other "detailed" things that are not required to see the design ?

4. Finally, I wonder if somebody knows why the view changes - in Inventor I see the desk exactly from the side and have set it as front view and home. When the dwf file is created this view is no longer the same which results in the files opening from strange angle ?

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help. Best regards, Christian Jørgensen