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Freewheel, regarding mobile devices and security issues

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02-04-2010 12:43 PM

My company is working on Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms, and one of our customers wants to see DWFs on mobile devices. Because of the compact-size screen and the limited input source, Freewheel does not work too well with our mobile devices. I heard that Autodesk Lab was working on Freewheel for mobile devices. Are you going to release a compact Freewheel for mobile devices? Or even better, will Autodesk provide any APIs to integrate with mobile platforms(Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc) seamlessly for viewing DWFs?

Our another concern is the security. As many people discussed before, we also want our customers' DWFs to be on a private website rather than to be public. Do you guys have any new plans?

Thank you very much!