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The Factory Asset Warehouse is a great tool to locate assets for AutoCAD and Inventor.


I feel an area has been overlooked – assets for 3ds Max Design.


Videos promote how useful 3ds Max Design is to animate the factory layout, but it is a tedious process to build bones and linkages to animate robots and similar equipment.


Wouldn't’t it be great if a user could browse the warehouse to find a fully rigged robot, fork truck, crane, or other factory asset and just drop it into 3ds Max Design? This could save a lot of time for users new to 3ds Max Design.


I welcome your feedback.






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Default layer attribute for factory assets

Status: Implemented
by Board Manager on ‎11-02-2012 08:34 AM

Factory assets should have an attribute that allows the asset creator to specify what the default layer the asset should be assigned to when it is placed in a drawing. The benefit of this feature is time savings and repeatabiliyt of workflow.


This requirement was gathered at the customer roundtable in Milan, Oct 2012.

Status: Implemented
Layers supported in Inventor environment. The user can now set a layer, and any object placed will be on that layer. Users can also move objects to other layers.
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Allow us to include the green connector in iParts. this way we can use already created iPart factories / children for assets. We have occasion to use Factory design utilities with iParts factories which contain 100's of variations. I do not want to publish them as individual assets one at a time!

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