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Re: FM Desktop

07-07-2006 07:19 AM in reply to: SRobbins

If a tool like FM Desktop gives you all the functionality of having the
Revit model, but in IFC format or even DWF. Do you oppose receiving that?


"melanie stone" wrote in message
As someone who is not a designer, I try to have sympathy for your position
and not wanting someone else to have access to all of your hard work (and
obvious leg up you have now that you've created the families that facilitate
your work), but, from my facilities perspective, the most motivating thing
should be the **client contract**.

We have firms who hassle with us about getting CAD documentation period...
and we're not happy with those firms. Then we have firms who understand and
happily accept our contract and give us what we need to maintain our

Right now of course we're using strictly 2d dwg files, but, I've been
watching Revit Systems (and abs) eagerly thinking about all of the ways such
documentation could help us maintain our facility. If we end up hiring a
to design for us with such a tool, then part of our contract will be that we
up with an entirely usable model.

Not every facility has someone on staff who will demand such things. So, the
companies who are *not* willing to provide them will still be able