Fusion Hangout: Cute robots, Sexy cars (9/10)

by Board Manager on ‎09-24-2013 01:55 AM


Hi Everyone!  We’ve got a great Fusion 360 Hangout geared up for this Tuesday Sept 10 @ 11AM PST

Register Here! http://autode.sk/17LZMyX 

This week we are featuring two excellent designers who’ve recently posted some truly inspiring work on our community hub.  

We're super excited to have them. Come learn about their approaches, their inspirations, and their stories! It’s going to be an awesome hangout.


See you there!
Mike and Keqing 

Quick update on the hangout venue decision: we've been experimenting with different online meeting tools and your feedback has been to go ahead and stay with GoToWebinar. So, for you regulars, you’ll have to register once more but it’s a “recurring invite.” This means you won't have the registration hassle going forward. Just add the calendar invite and it’ll be consistent. Thanks for the input guys! We'll continue to explore ways to make the hangouts even better.

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