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12-24-2013 03:06 AM

Is it me or have AutoDesk ruined their forum again?


I want support and assistance from the forum members for Autocad but my searches return help or entries for Inventor, AutoCAD and allsorts of other products. I spend have my time reading through the product list to see if it is a relevant product and then 45% of my time finding if it is relevant to my enquiry.....


Way to go AutoDesk....


Boba Fuka
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12-24-2013 03:45 AM in reply to: bobafuka

There are certainly things I don't like about the new forum, but one tip on searching is to start the search from the product forum that applies to your question. ie, if you type your query into the top-right search box while in the AutoCAD forum, only results from "AutoCAD" forums should be displayed.  If you start the same search from the AutoCAD 2013-2014 forum page, then only results from the AutoCAD2013-2014 forums will be displayed.  You can also refine the search from within the search page by expanding the "By Location" filter.


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01-02-2014 02:37 PM in reply to: bobafuka

I'm suprized I found this...smileymad:

It seems as if all of the fourms and sites have changed. All within a month because the foum was fin after AU.

Now...forgetabout it... You can't find anything and posting  aquestion is a joke...

Just saying "Why fix something that was already working fine?"


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01-03-2014 02:28 PM in reply to: bobafuka

We (my office and myself) had a problem with the "Forum Changes" yesterday (my comment was under my student/educational account).


Reposted from "Bells and Whistles":

I have to agree also...

I received some "Nasty Comments" from my peers in the office, that I help out because I refer to this forum and feedback site for our Autodesk problems.

My supervisor wanted a quick answer to a question so I sent him here not knowing the site changed within the month.

To make a long story short, this was not good having other users along with me looking for a solution to a problem because we couldn't navigate the "New Site" What made it even worst was the Autodesk help tech. person (chat person) had no answers for use on the new site either. I think we spent more time with the "Help Chat Person" than we did on this site.

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01-04-2014 06:20 AM in reply to: bobafuka
Most of us seasoned users rely on Google Search to look up topics we need help with: that search engine has this site well tagged/linked plus presents you with other answers from the other handful of well served AutoCAD forum sites and blogs.

You all need to develop a better method of searching for solutions: hunting down single sites for singular searches IS a total waste of time for an office.
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01-08-2014 10:45 AM in reply to: pendean
Agreed...however, working in some offices is sort of like working in the
government, or under government restrictions. Sometimes the
*"Obvious"*solution is not the one you would think would be used, or

Pointing people to Autodesk, for an Autodesk problem is sort of a reflex
response for me, since going to the obvious choice (Google, or some other
search engine) usually results with a* "Security restriction from the IT

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can't rid of a bomb..."*


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01-09-2014 03:54 AM in reply to: bobafuka
Search on these forums has always been broken. Always. Redesign seems to have not helped. Developing a better solution ought to be your focus if your job is to support your colleagues (just saying): I never met an IT person who refuses to help support by finding a solution within corporate or government if asked repeatedly for help.
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