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GeoTools - What you can get for 99$?

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GeoTools- The complete command reference


Polyline Tools

GT_3DJ                   Join 3D Polylines
GT_PLJOIN              Automated Join - 2D polylines

Change 2d3d2d
GT_CH2D3D            2D-to-3D
GT_CH3D2D            3D-to-2D

Vertex Management
GT_FIXCLOSED        Add / Remove redundant closing vertex in polylines
GT_DELSVP             Delete single vertex polylines

GT_DENSIFY            Densify vertices
GT_DISTANGWEED   Weed (remove) vertices based on distance and angle
GT_REM_LINVERTS   Weed (remove) collinear vertices from polyline

GT_INTERSECT        Mark intersection points along lines,polylines,arcs..
GT_JUNCTION                   Mark junction points in a network of linear objects
GT_PL_0                 Identify Zero elevation Vertex^C^CGT_PL_0;
GT_VXDROP            Highlight elevation differences in polylines

GT_PL_INTER                    Assign Interpolated Z values to vertices
GT_MERGEPOLY                Merge adjacent closed polylines
GT_GT_INOUTOFFSET        Offset closed polylines INwards/OUTwards
GT_POLYINSVX                 Polyline 'Insert Vertex' Tool

Inquiry & Statistics
GT_PL_STAT            Compute detailed polyline statistics
GT_LAYERAREA        Compute summed polyline areas from selected layers
GT_LENGTH            Compute lengths
GT_BULGE              Display info. about polyline bulge (arc segments)

More editing
GT_GT_MPEDIT       Multiple Pedit
GT_CHW                 Change Widths
GT_XP_WPL            Explode Polylines with width

Direction Control
GT_FLIP                 Flip (Reverse) direction
GT_PLARCMIRROR    Flip (mirror) arc segments of polylines
GT_PL_DIR              Find out direction of polyline vertices

GT_AUTOPAN          Draw 2d/3d polylines with auto-edge panning
GT_LINPOLY           Draw linear polylines from arced polylines
GT_XV                    Express Pedit
GT_SEGLENSET        Specify segment lengths in polylines

GT_PL_PLACE          Place Points/Blocks along vertices

GT_FILLETPOLY       Enhanced fillet command
GT_MFILLET            Fillet multiple polylines

GT_XPSPL               Explode Splined
GT_FLOW_LT          Control polyline linetypes
GT_ZPOLY               Zoom to Polyline
GT_FIXUCS             Fix line/polylines with different UCS


GT_PLARC2PL          Convert Arc Polylines to linear segment polyline
GT_PL23DFACE        Convert polylines to 3dface
GT_BLKSHP2P                   Convert Blocks/Shapes/Text/Circle to Points
GT_P2BLKSHP                   Convert Points/Text/Circles to Blocks/Shapes
GT_SPL2PL              Convert Splines to polylines
GT_0LEN2PNT                   Convert 0 Lengths to POINTs
GT_3DF2PL             3DFaces to polylines
GT_PFACE2PL          Polyface mesh to polylines
GT_LINE2PL            Convert lines and arcs to polylines
GT_SCALE_Z            Scale Z values
GT_ASN_PROP         Assign Properties
GT_ASS_EL              Automatically Assign contour elevations
GT_ASS_EL_TEXT     Assign contour elevations from text objects
GT_FLATTEN           Flatten - Convert to 0.0 elevation
GT_ATT2XD             Attributes to Xdata
GT_CH_H2L             Heavy-Weight to Light-Weight
GT_CH_L2H             Light-Weight to Heavy-Weight


GT_IMPEX               Import/Export points and lines
GT_VIEWLINKED      View handles-linked ASCII data
GT_READDEM          Import(read) ARC ASCII DEM files
GT_WRITEDEM        Export (write) ARC ASCII DEM files
GT_MULTEXPORT     Multiple drawing export in various formats
GT_NIKON2DWG      Import NIKON survey raw data
GT_IMPORTSDR       Import Sokkia SDR raw data format

Drawing Cleanup

GT_ZTREND             Analyze and fix polyline elevation trends
GT_OVERLAP           Remove overlapping segments from a lines selection
GT_DELDUP             Delete Duplicate Objects
GT_NODELINESNAP  Linear and Node Snap (MAGNET)
GT_KINK                 Identify intersecting segments (kinks) in polylines
GT_BREAKX             Break crossing objects at ends
GT_INTEX               Lineworks Intersections Processor
GT_DANGLECHECK   Detect free ends (dangles) of lines,polylines and arcs
GT_HSQUARE          Create right angle corners
GT_POINTWEED       Weed points based on spacing
GT_ENDELEVCHECK  Check for coincident (XY) endpoints with varying Z
GT_SET_Z_PL          Set out-of-range elevation values to nearest valid elevation values
GT_PLANARPOLY      Make polylines/3dfaces planar


GT_EASY3DPOINT    Easy 3dpoint
GT_EMBHATCH        Draw Embankment hatch slopes pattern
GT_VEGLINE            Draw vegetation cover symbols
GT_SORTEDPOLY     Draw a polyline by joining points in sorted order


GT_ROWMAKER       Make Right-of-Way/Pavements/Ramps
GT_CENTLINE                   Draw Center-Lines from road R-O-W
GT_3DOFFSET                   Offset 3d polylines
GT_CREATECENT      Create centroid marks inside closed polygons
GT_MVMEASURE      Multi-Variable Measure
GT_JNE                   Join nearest ends of lines, polylines
GT_EDGEBUILDER    Build common edges along closed, adjacent polygons
GT_PTINTERMANUAL          Interpolate point elevation from neighboring polylines - manual pick
GT_PTINTERAUTOMATIC Interpolate point elevation from neighboring polylines - automatic
GT_CCPOLY             Create closed polylines from a mass of networked polylines
GT_CONTOUROFFSET         Create mathematical offsets between two contour polylines
GT_NETNODES         Place points along linear network
GT_DRAPEPOLY       Drape a 3D polyline across a set of intersecting linear objects


GT_VXLABEL           Label polyline vertices
GT_PL_DATALBL      Label polylines with attached data
GT_SEGLABEL                   Label polyline segments
GT_CONTLABEL       Label contour polylines
GT_IDXYZ               Label points
GT_ANNOTPOINTS   Annotate points, based on layer names
GT_LENTEXT           Create/update length annotation
GT_CREATEANNOT   Create annotations at intersections


GT_ATTEDIT           Global Attribute Editor
GT_ZOOMTXT                   Search and replace text/attributes
GT_ATTEXT             Extract Block attributes to file
GT_ATTXFER           Transfer Attributes between blocks
GT_TXT2ATT           Transfer Text strings to Block attributes
GT_PROP2ATT                   Transfer AutoCAD properties to Blocks Attributes
GT_TAGREN            Rename block attribute tags, prompts and defaults
GT_TAGDEL             Delete block attribute tags from block definition
GT_UPDATEPOINTBLKUpdate 'Coordinates Block' attributes

AutoCAD Map Tools

Data Convert/Transfer
GT_XFER_OD_XD     Transfer Object Data / Xdata between two objects
GT_OD2ATT            Transfer Object Table Data to Block Attributes
GT_ATT2OD            Transfer Block Attributes to Object Table Data
GT_DB2OD              Transfer database linked data to object data
GT_PROP2OD          Transfer AutoCAD properties to Object Data
GT_OD2XD              Convert Object Table Data to Xdata

GT_OD_EXTRACT     Export Object Table Data to ASCII files
GT_OD_STRUCEXT   Export Object Table Field Structure to ASCII files

GT_AUTOINCROD     Create auto-incrementing object table data
GT_OD_XD_LABEL    Create text labels from Object data / extended entity data

Object Data
GT_OD_EDIT           Global Object Data Editor
GT_GT_EASYOD       Multiple-Choice Object data editor
GT_GT_EASYOD_SETUP      Multiple-Choice Object data editor Setup
GT_MERGETBL                  Merge two object tables
GT_REM_DUP_RECS  Remove duplicate object data records within objects
GT_REN_OD_FLDS    Rename Object Data Fields
GT_TXT2OD            Transfer text strings to Object Data
GT_OD_LIST           List Object Data
GT_OD_SEARCH       Search and replace Object table data
GT_NODATA            Check for no Xdata / Object Data
GT_OD2ELEV           Assign elevations from object data
GT_AMAPBREAK       Break object but retain object data in both broken parts
GT_COPYODTABDEF Copy Object Table definition
GT_DEFATTOD         Define Object Table from block attributes
GT_DEFDBOD          Define object table from linked database table

Bricscad / plain AutoCAD compatibility tools
GT_BC_OD2XD         Convert Object Table Data to Xdata (for BricsCAD/plain ACAD use)
GT_BC_ODEDIT       Edit object data from AutoCAD Map
GT_BC_XD2OD         Transfer Xdata to Object data (for use after Bricscad / plain AutoCAD editing only)

AutoCAD Map
GT_ADEDEFDATA     Define object data
GT_ADEATTACHDATA         Attach/Detach object data
GT_ADEEDITDATA    Edit object data
GT_QUERYPROC       Format text labels queried with 'Alter properties'
GT_TOPOSELECT      Select Topology objects graphically

Extended Entity Data

GT_REMXD              Remove Xdata
GT_XD_SEARCH       Search and replace extended entity data
GT_SHOWXD           Display extended entity data from picked object
GT_XD_EXTRACT      Extract extended entity data to ASCII files

Civil Tools

GT_TRIANGULATE    Create TIN (Delauney triangulation)
GT_CONTOURBUILDER       Create contours from TIN model
GT_CHAINAGE                   Annotate chainages along a route
GT_GT_PROFILE      Draw cross-sectional profile from 3D Polyline
GT_ADJUSTLEVELS   Adjust cross-section elevations
GT_DRAWGRADE      Draw Graded polylines
GT_TRAVADJ           Perform traverse error adjustment
GT_CROSSSECT        Multiple Cross Section Tools
GT_SHEETINS          Create and Place Map Sheet Index Block
GT_ANNOGRID        Create Map Grid
GT_BEARINGDIST     Bearing and Distance
GT_BRGROUND        Round off bearings

Geographic Tools

GT_COORDTRAN                Mapping coordinates transformation tools
GT_DWG2KML                            Export Google KML file – Interactive version
GT_DWG2KML_BATCH1      Export Google KML file – Single feature batch version
GT_DWG2KML_BATCHM      Export Google KML file – Multiple feature batch version
GT_INSPHOTO                  Insert a geo tagged photo


GT_GEO_INS           Insert a geo-referenced image
GT_IMAGESCAN       Scan selected image files and build image boundary list
GT_IMAGESEARCH    Insert geo-referenced image corresponding to selected AOI
GT_MINEX2DWG      Import (read) a MINEX coal reserves data file
GT_ROUGHEN                   Roughen a Line
GT_SURFAREA                   Compute Surface Area of 3DFACEs
GT_XP_RETDAT        Explode objects - Retain Object Table and extended entity data
GT_HATCHAREA       Report on areas covered by HATCH objects
GT_CONTBREAK       Break(Split) objects along a polyline
GT_GEO                  Enter geographical coordinates-Latitude,Longitude,Height
GT_CONTCLASS       Classify Elevation Contours
GT_DELETELAYOUTS Delete paper-space layouts
GT_CONTDIST         Contour Spacing Distance Tool


GT_PLFILTER           Polylines based on properties
GT_3DFFILTER         3DFaces based on properties
GT_ESELECT            Enhanced Entity Selector
GT_MAKESEL           Build Selection Set
GT_FINDZRNG         Find objects in selected Z range
GT_SL                    Select Current Layer
GT_SS                    Select Current Style
GT_LASTSEL            Put last GeoTools selection in "previous" sel.set


GT_CGRAV              Compute Center of Gravity
GT_DWG_STAT        Display Drawing Statistics
GT_DXY                  Enhanced DIST command



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