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National CAD Standards (US) & New Layers

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08-07-2013 10:50 AM

We're in the process of developing written CAD standards.  The decision has been made to base it on the NCS while allowing the user to create layers that "follow the NCS guidelines".


I'm trying to find a way to include some guidance on the names as well as the layer symbology of the new layers.


In the past I've seen the "Toe Of Slope" referred to as "Toe of Slope" as well as "Bottom of Slope".  And those have been abbreviated as "TOS" and "BOS" respectively.  We've listed every feature type we can think of but I'm sure there will be a need for additional layers for features that have been overlooked.


I'd like to include guidance as to what color & linetype is assigned to the new layer(s).  One person might think FeatureX should use penweight 1 while someone else might think it should be weight 2.


What have you done to deal with this?



Don Ireland

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Re: National CAD Standards (US) & New Layers

08-07-2013 11:25 AM in reply to: doni49

We don't use NCS but like everyone else, we do have layer standards.  We cover as much of the commonly used layers as possible.  If there is something new that is being used frequently, it gets added to the standard.  Until its included in the standard, they are on their own.  That helps give those responsible a little kick in the pants - if they want it the same in all drawings, they need to say so.


Selection of color, line type, line weight, etc. get some input by the affected groups (I set the guidelines so the settings follow *some* logical theme).  If they can't or won't come to a reasonable decision it gets made for them.

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Re: National CAD Standards (US) & New Layers

08-08-2013 10:34 AM in reply to: doni49

One of the keys to using NCS and generating compliant new layer names is to think if it as a 'systems' process.  Rather than just having a Top of Slope layer - think about what system does that belong to?  And how consistent can you make it with the remainder of your standards.? 


In the specific examples, we decided those belong to the 'topographical information' system, so the NCS compliant layer names start  as "C-TOPO-".  For consistency, we changed from the mismash of ToS, Bos etc to TOPB and BOTB to clealy separate Top of Bank (aka slope) from Bottom of Bank.  (-- one person learned ToS as Toe of Slope, his neighbor went to a different school and learned that ToS was Top of Slope).  ambiguity is something to avoid, and if it takes a bit more thought now, it's worth it.  Definitely remember to fill in the Description for all your standard layers!!


It's not a good idea to invent new major groups unless absolutly needed.  Mostly things drawn in the AEC world can be assigned to an already existing Discipline-Major Group (aka System)  with a bit of thought.

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