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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

07-13-2011 10:18 AM in reply to: JDMather

JDMather wrote:


So now you are attacking people for the misfortune of being born with poor eyesight?
And what is a "sheeple"?

A "sheeple"? Was that a rhetorical question? They're the Sheep-People. To paraphrase a South Park episode 'Follow like Sheep. Talk like People'.


Like this is the first those of Myopic misfortune have bee attacked!


On the original subject. As someone who has had the pleasure of having a suit filed against their employer and having ones self named in the lawsuit. It ain't no fun at all!



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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

07-13-2011 10:39 AM in reply to: AllenJessup

The funny thing is I bet we would find Autodesk has top lawyers and would perform quite well, in contrast to any lack of performance we see on AutoCad quality.

Keep in mind, you do not want to punish a company that takes risks because they can.

AutoCad is still the best CAD platform for add-ons, so the clones are really not complete alternatives yet.  Partial alternatives, yes.

We should complain about quality, but there is nothing wrong with Adesk lowering quality to get features out faster.

Its just a business risk they take, and we buy or not.

I'd prefer to see them prosper by listening to us more, and developing better long term relationships to understand real production of plans better.  Punishing a company into submission does not seem productive.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

07-13-2011 11:00 AM in reply to: JDMather

I know the new forum format is a little difficult to follow, but try tree view.  The phrase you mentioned was NOT mine but quoted from an earlier post, with that poster using it as an attempted justification for filing a lawsuit.

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